Top 7 Best Video Game Tracker Apps

In this article, we are going to tell you the best Video game tracker apps, if you want to keep track of your all video games then read this article carefully and give it a go.

if you are fond of having multiple video games across multiple cross platforms then you must feel challenged to keep track of your video games, right!

As a solution to that,  you can use a video game tracker service to help you in balancing and managing collection so that you can easily identify what you own, what you need to complete, and what you want to buy in the future.

We’ve rounded up some of the best services that you can use to keep track of your games. Think of them as the Goodreads for video games, or the Letterboxd for video games.

 Video Game Tracker Apps

Top 7 Best Video Game Tracker Apps

Below we have mentioned the best video game tracker apps

1. Grouvee

Grouvee is pretty much neat and clean plus attractive UI that everyone wants to use it. You can add any game as per your choice. The very good thing about Grouvee is it stores the whole information about each and every video game.
Including its release date, summary, platforms, publisher, etc.

Moreover, you can customize Grouvee based on your choice, you can create a list of played games, have to play games, play games, and a lot more. It doesn’t restrict you to create shelves, you can create multiple shelves.
we can say Grouvee is a catalog of video games that also allows you to leave your own review about a particular game or multiple games.
Grouvee is really working as a Goodreads of video games.

2. Backloggery

Backlogger is simple but a good show of all your video games. You can fill in the name, system, and region of the game before adding its status, ownership status, and review information.
You can keep track of how many achievements you’ve earned, whether you’re currently playing the game, and whether it’s on your video game wishlist.

3. Completionator

Completionator is a simple but special video game tracker app. It comes up with some awesome and special features that make it unique from others.
Completionator allows you to add your steam library of all your video game collections only in one place. You can check the status of your games anytime. One important plus interesting thing is here is that it allows you to
complete the challenges set by others.

4. GG

GG is one of the simple but most visited websites to have a track on all your video games. You can add new games, remove old games, find specific games and get to know more about them by seeing screenshots, platforms, and other info.
And it also allows you to quickly set your own playing state for each game including options such as play, hit, and let go.
Alternatively, you can create your own custom menu if none of these options suit you.

5. HowLongToBeat

As the name suggests the app lets you know about the game status that for how much time you have to carry on. It simply suggests you buy next after the previous completion. The site also offers you video game tracker functionalities like you can mark games as completed or playing or have to do it.
You can import your Steam games, which are excellent and convenient, and HowLongToBeat will add them to your catalog. If you want, you can then sort through these to see how long you will spend playing each one.

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6. Backloggd

Backloggd is a free video game tracker to track your video games from all platforms. You can log the games you own, are currently playing, and have played. You can also build a wishlist since Backloggd’s catalog includes games that aren’t yet released.

Your library is easily searchable through filters and sorting mechanisms, and you can rate and review games to remind yourself of what you thought of them. Plus, there’s an active community, so you can engage with other players and compare your libraries.

7. Darkadia

Darkadia helps you bring your game collection to life by giving you the tools to snappily and easily manage your videotape game collection.


So far we have discussed the best video game tracker apps that will help you to keep track of your video game collection.

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