Top 8 Best Mobile Lottery Apps 2022

In this article, we will tell you one more way to earn money online through the Best mobile Lottery apps. These lottery apps probably will help you to earn more money besides your monthly salary or earnings. But to get the lottery totally depends on your destiny.

Best Mobile Lottery Apps

Well without wasting your precious time, let’s see what are the best lottery apps for android in 2022.

Best Mobile Lottery Apps 

You can download these apps from Google Play Store. Or you can try it on Apple Play Store if you are using iPhone or iPad. It might be a case that you will not be able to download these apps from the play store then you can simply search the name on Google Play and then you can download or play online from the website.

1. Lottery Hub

Lottery Hub is the app for mega-millionaires, the app provides you the information related to mega millions, Powerball as well as a state lottery. users can also hang on missed lottery lines.


size: 12.23 MB

Age boundary: 12+

Genre: Not available.

2. US Lotto Picker

US lotto picker that works by taking a bunch of random numbers.  Each generated number has a set percentage of how often has appeared bor both games.

3. Lotto Results

With Lotto Results, you will have access to Mega Millions and Powerball results. Know the latest jackpot, winning numbers, and game information for different states. You can also view the drawing history.

4. Lottotopia

Lottotopia allows you to check lotto results doesn’t matter if you are in go or stay. Enter your ticket figures and the app will punctuate any corresponding figures. The app can tell you how important time remains before the coming delineation and how large the jackpot has grown.

5. True Random Generator

True Random Generator is an app that generates arbitrary figures for different uses. It can induce QR canons, watchwords, bones roll and figures for Lottery games such as Euro Jackpot, New York Lotto, Mega Millions Powerball, SuperLotto, and further.

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6. Lottoland

Download the Lottoland app on Android today and you can make playing your favorite Lottos easier than ever before.

Without the app, you can get tickets for popular lottery games like the Cricket Lotto, while also getting tickets for the world’s biggest jackpots, such as America’s PowerBall, MegaMillions, and EuroMillions.

Our app is incredibly easy to use and also enables you to check the latest results as soon as they’re released.

7. Today Lottery

Still, our experts have stressed the stylish online lottery spots in India that are legal and 100 safe, If you like online lotteries and want to win real plutocrat. Buy lottery tickets online and win plutocrat and huge jacks.

8. The Lotter

When you want to play the biggest lottery draws on the globe on the site, the agents at a network of local offices worldwide go out and actually purchase genuine lottery tickets on your behalf. After which, you play the game with real money. If you are an Indian, you can play the game online and pay your amount via Credit Card, International Debit Cards, Netteller, and Skrill only, as they are the most accessible payment options.


So far we have discussed the top 8 best lottery apps in India, you can try these all by searching their name on Google and then visiting their official website.

Whether you will be able to make money or not, depends on your destiny. But play these games or we can say use these games at your own risk, sometimes these apps ask you to enter your account number for transferring the amount you won, and then they will attempt a fraud.

So in these cases, we are not responsible.

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