How to Download Hive Social App?

As twitter issues are high everywhere, new social media coming up. In this article we will check out that how to download hive social app. As we already covered some alternative to twitter like Mostodon, Koo and many more. Hive Social is also a new app as an alternative of Twitter. So lets check out the whole details of Hive social app.


What is Hive Social App?

Download Hive Social App

Hive Social is totally variance app which has feature of various apps. It resembles a hybrid of Twitter, Instagram, and MySpace. It offers the simplicity of Twitter prior to its demise, emphasises images somewhat more than Instagram (or at least did so before video), and even lets you add music to your profile. It’s intriguing and undoubtedly a little less complicated to use than Mastodon. Till now, more than 700+ people joined on hive social media app.

How to Download Hive Social App from Google Play Store?

Download Hive Social App

This column is only let you know how to download hive social app on android phone. The first thing that comes to mind when we discuss downloading any app for our smartphones is to access the Google Play Store. And that’s okay because this is all we will discover in this segment. Here are detailed directions for downloading the Hive Social app from the Google Play Store for Android.

Step 1:- Open Play Store App on you Mobile phone.

Step 2:- Search Hive Social App on search bar at top.

Step 3:-  Now You will find the desired app in the list

Step 4:- Just head to install.

Step 5:- Give some permissions accordingly as per your preference.

The app will now automatically install and appear on your device’s home screen. You can now click on it to proceed with setting up an account there. You’ve now successfully downloaded the Hive Social app for Android from the Google Play Store. Imagine for a moment that the Play Store itself is down or that the programme does not appear in the list of results when you search for the Hive Social app.

How to Download Hive Social App Without Using PlayStore?

In case, if you playstore is having some issues or not able to open. And You want to install hive social app on your android phone so this is great place hwere you know everything in some time. 

To install hive sociall from google chrome you need to follow some steps.

Step 1:- Open any browser on your mobile phone

Step 2:- Go to

Step 3:- Search and head to website.

Step 4:- Search Hive Socia app there.

Step 5:- Clcik on Download and then press download anyway

Step 6:- Click on install

Step 7:- You need to go to Mobile setting And Click on unknown sources and then install

Step 8:- Download will start.

Now you enjoy

How to Download Hive Social App on iOS?

Download Hive Social App

Peple are questioning, is social hive available to download on iOS? Yes, Users can donwload hive social app on iOS devices. There are some very easy steps you need to follow. Same as android devices

Step1:- You need to goto app store

Step 2:- There you search Hive social app

Step 3:- Download hive social app

And after some time it will installed. Now you can enjoy to create account on Social hive.


Hive Social appears to be a respectable substitute for Twitter for those looking for one, and it is undoubtedly popular at the moment. Due to the lack of a website or desktop app, it is now only available on iOS and Android, with the latter being significantly buggy.However, Hive Social has a lot of potential, so give it a shot if you’re looking for a Twitter alternative that’s simpler to use than Mastodon.

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