How to Fix PS5 Stick Drift? 100% Working

If you are also one of those who are struggling with the drift of the PS5 Stick drift. Then just stick to this article, we will have multiple ways to fix PS5 stick drift. Owners of the PS5 have become aware of an unfortunate flaw with the PS5 Stick since the console’s release. Nintendo is hardly the only business that has experienced joystick drift.

Although Sony’s PS5 controllers can also suffer from drift, JoyCons may be the most prominent controller to do so. You can take some actions to correct the drift if your PS5 characters start moving on their own.

Explain Stick Drift

fix PS5 stick drift

Stick drift occurs when your controller’s analog joysticks perceive an input even though the stick is not being moved at all. This problem will be obvious right away because both characters and game menus will move independently. It’s annoying and renders a lot of games unusable.
Stick drift isn’t caused by just one main factor. The analog stick may occasionally get loose, leading the sensors to detect tilting when there isn’t any. In other situations, dirt and debris might become lodged in the stick and cause a mistake similar to this. The worst-case scenario is when the joystick’s various components break due to wear and tear from repeated use, fooling your controller into believing the sticks are moving when they aren’t.

 Fix PS5 stick drift (Working Method)

There are a few troubleshooting procedures that you may try if your PS5 controller is drifting in order to get your analog stick back to normal. And Some ways that let you answer how to fix PS5 stick drift

Start with the most straightforward: Try resetting the controller to see if that solves the software problem. Hold down on the little button next to the Sony logo after turning off your PS5 and turning over your controller (you’ll need something thin to reach the button, like a SIM card tool). Restart your PS5 and reattach the controller. From Settings > Accessories > Controllers > Wireless Controller Device Software, you could also try updating the controllers.

Sadly, stick drift frequently does not use the software. Cleaning the sticks is necessary if the problem is dust and dirt that has become lodged inside. Sony advises against using solvents to clean your joysticks, but users have found success with rubbing alcohol because it will simply evaporate.

Can Sony Fix PS5 Stick Drift?

The repair gets significantly more difficult if the parts are worn out. You might be able to fix it yourself if you have soldering experience. But you’re better off returning the controller to Sony for repair if it’s still covered by the original manufacturer’s one-year guarantee. You can start the process by calling (800) 345-7669, but you can also open a repair request on Sony’s website, according to IGN. It can be a while before you see the controller again because it takes them seven to ten working days to process it when they receive it.

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