How Do You Update PS5 Controller

How Do You Update PS5 Controller

After getting Playstation 5 updates to 8 billion lucky people in the world and get a chance to hands-on Playstation 5, then definitely they have to face frequent updates as an alert on the console. The PS5 DualSense regulator has been a distinct advantage for Sony. This regulator, furnished with haptic criticism and versatile triggers, inundates major parts in ongoing interaction recently.

Steps to Update Your PS5 Controller

Here are the steps that you need to take to Update the PS5 Controller. So without so much delaying the time. 

1.  The very first thing you need to wake up the PS5 from sleep mode.
2. There will be an alert available to the screen for you to the available controller update that lets you choose “Update Now” and “Notify After 24 Hours”.

3. However you can’t update this by wirelessly so need to plug in the USB cable.
4. There will be a button named “Update Now Button” so tap X on the ps5 controller to Update.

So this is how one can update the PS5 controller. 

In case, if you missed the PS5 controller update alert from the console screen, need to wait for 24 hours and it will notify you again. Either you can go for the manual update, now the question arises how can you do the same.

How to Update PS5 Controller Manually?

So if you have ever not update PS5 manually, then keep reading this article. there are some steep you need to follow to update ps5 manually.

First Close the internet connection.

Navigate to Settings > Network>  Settings> Connect to internet>  switch off the option.

2. Change date  and time setting
Click on Settings> System> Date and Time> Set Manually.
Manually change the day and select tomorrow’s date → press OK.

3. Remove your controller from Settings

Go to Settings> Accessories> General> Bluetooth Accessories> Click on your controller> Delete.

4. Turn off your PS5 console

5. Connect the controller to your console using a cable

6.  Open your console

After following these steps, the alert of PS5 update will again pop up on the screen then you can update by following the above methods.

Hope the above steps will help you to update the PS5 Controller Update.

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