Ahrefs Search Engine: Everything You Need To Know About

Have you ever heard of Ahrefs Search Engine? Do you think Ahrefs search engine can be the best alternative to Google?

If you are a content creator, you are definitely heard of Ahrefs. What if Ahfref launched its own search engine to support the content creators. You will be surprised to know the founder & CEO at Ahrefs Dmitry Gerasimenko plans to launch their own Ahref search engine. This all speculation goes on after his tweet on Twitter. He mainly focussed on getting the actual value of content to their content creators. 


Ahrefs Search Engine News

It all started after a tweet of Ahrefs CEO Dmitry Gerasimmenko on 27 March 2019 and another tweet on 18 June 2021. He finds some loopholes in the Google search engine privacy problems and profit-sharing. So let’s understand the whole matter in various steps. 

1. Ahref’s CEO tweeted that they are going to make a general-purpose Ahrefs search engine to compete with Google(giant). This is not easy for anyone to tackle with Google.  
2. Ahref’s CEO made some valid points by promoting their search engine. The tweet is mainly about sharing 90% ad revenue to the content creator and 10% to three. Basically a 90/10 model. But Google Search Engine doesn’t no share that much revenue with the content creator as on Youtube. 
3. One more thing, Google is showing the snippet of different websites by scrapping on search result page that reduces people visits on the page. This reduces the chance to earn some more penny.
4. As per the tweet of Ahrefs CEO, if content creators get new search engines that pay more than Google, the business of Google slow down.
5. According to Dmitry, Every content creator has their own fan following which will allow them easily to switch to another search engine. And then Google has to change its business model.

These are the main points made by Dmitry in their long series of tweets. Before analyzing all tweets we should what Ahrefs is.

What is Ahref?

Ahref is one of the most popular tools in the world of content creators. They have tools for every possible opportunity to grow in the online world like keyword research, site overview, competitor analysis, link building, backlink checker, audits, and much more. Every tool can be very useful to marketing professionals. These tools help your content to become more meaningful, reachable and ultimately help you to achieve a higher ranking in google search results. This would be very strange if you do not hear about Ahrefs and you belong to the online marketing field. 

Problems with Ahref Search Engine

We all heard of Ahref as an SEO tool but as a search engine, it would not be our obvious choice. Because every time we heard search engines we think GOOGLE. The last line is itself a big challenge to Ahref search engine. There are some challenges to the Ahref search engine. 

1. Google’s ecosystem is very rich. And people are so addicted to that because of many reasons. It can be understood the whenever you want to search for anything, the first thing that comes to your mind is GOOGLE as a search engine. 
2. Everyone should know that search engine is always derived by users, not content creators because content creator always provides content which requested by users. And the numbers of the normal user are very high to Google.
3. This is very good news to have a 90% share income to content creators but who will give ads to Ahref when most of the users searching on Google. 
4. Another problem is very few people ever heard of Ahrefs if they are from out of the SEO world.
5. Most used operating systems like android, iOS, macOS have the default search engine is Google. So it is definitely not easy to directly fight with Google as a search engine. 
6. Chrome(64%) and Safari (18%) already covered 82% market which has the default Google search engine. remaining 18% is covered by Edge, Samsung, opera and etc. 


There is no official date for the launching of Ahrefs search engine. It is clear that there are many loopholes in Ahrefs search engines as well. Ahref is direct challenging google as a search engine is very hard. Google ecosystem is very rich they can afford any new technologies to solve their own issues. 
Now let’s see how and when Ahrefs search engine comes into the market. 

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