How to Download BlueSky social app

The mobile social networking site Bluesky Social is free and was created by Bluesky PBLLC. In this article, I will let you know how to download BlueSky social app. It is a social media platform that former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is developing. It seeks to be a decentralized, open environment where users and artists can enter and freely express themselves.

How to Download BlueSky social app

In contrast to social media behemoths like Facebook or Twitter, Bluesky Social is designed to be inclusive of all users without the biased constraints of being confined to a single platform. With the intention of producing a public standard that other services can join and be a part of, it is actively being developed.

Download BlueSky Social App

Social media enthusiasts are thrilled by Bluesky. Jack Dorsey launched the BlueSky project in 2019 with the goal of creating a decentralized, open standard for social media. But shortly after Elon Musk acquired Twitter, Jack Dorsey announced the beta testing of his brand-new social media platform BlueSky. Bluesky will allow platform freedom for creators, freedom for developers to produce, and freedom for users to select the content. They won’t be forced to consume any stuff. They’ll have the option to view, distribute, or ignore the content. Most notably, Bluesky will be based on the AT protocol, which enables users to select between providers and people.

Here are some steps to download Bluesky Social App beta version.

Step 1: Launch your system’s browser like Google Chrome, Edge, etc.
Step 2: Click here or visit the Bluesky website now.
Step 3: Next, visit the Blue Sky Private Beta sign-up page.
Step 4: Fill in Your details like email
Step 5: The fifth step is to register.
Step 6: If you are chosen for the beta test, you will soon receive an email to confirm your identity.
Step 7: Completed the registration.


Can You Download Bluesky Social App Beta For iOS?

As I already mentioned above, the BlueSky social app is in the testing phase or only available for android only. There is no app for iOS that one needs to wait for some time.

How to Join Waitlist of BlueSky Social App

There are plenty of ways to join BlueSky social apps beta waitlist. Ultimately the way is as simple as to download bluesky social app. You need to visit their site and fill in the details like email or something else required then you need to register and wait for the confirmation.


Bluesky can be a game-changer in the field of social media aTwitter owned is already done chaos to Twitter. Better to switch from Twitter to another platform like Mastodon or Bluesky or Koo etc. So what are you waiting for try and check out Bluesky Social App?

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