Top 4 Best Twitter Alternatives


Twitter Alternatives



People are eagerly searching for Twitter alternatives in India. This is all because of IT policy law that does not accept by Twitter till now. There are various questions raised by Twitter and one of among is the free speech of Indians will be violated by the law. So This is a matter between the Indian  Government and Twitter. Today Indian government gave a warning as the last notice to comply with IT laws. Here we are focusing mostly on Made-in-India twitter alternatives.



As we have seen previously, TikTok has also banned now in India, Instagram reel, youtube shorts are take placed. In this fight, many people want to know the best alternative to Twitter. We here curated a list of the top 4 best alternatives to Twitter that you can use. So, If you are the one who looks for the best twitter alternative(free speech alternative). Without taking much time of yours let’s explore these alternatives to Twitter.



1. Best Twitter Alternative-Koo:-

Twitter Alternatives


For this in India, Koo a made-in-India app is one of the best twitter alternatives for now. It is also a micro-blogging platform where people can write their opinions(as free speech). Same as Twitter posts known as tweets, Koo has something calls Koos up to 400 words. Here you can chat with others, and also use hashtags(#), and tag others with @. Also, users can reKoo like retweets on Twitter. There are various Indian languages supported by Koo apart from English like Hindi, Telugu, Bengal, etc. India’s. In just 1 year, Koo has got more than 5 Million users.
Many ministers, celebrities, sportsperson joined Koo like Railway Minister Piyush Goyal, Anupam Kher, and Anil Kumble, etc. Koo has been announced as AtmaNirbhar App by the Indian Government.

2. Best Twitter Alternative-MitraSetu:-

Twitter Alternatives


MitraSetu is a comparatively very small app than Twitter and Koo. But it can be the best alternative to Twitter. It is more like a Facebook user interface and has some components of Twitter(microblogging platform) too. It is also a made-in-India social media app where users can post images, videos, files opinions, and much more. This app can let you comment like on the post on your timeline same as Facebook.
Here you can chat with other users or make a group chat. Users can find events & places through this app.

3. Best Twitter Alternative-Tooter:-


Tooter is another best Twitter Made-In-India alternative. It is commonly known as Swadeshi Social Network. Same as Twitter, users can make profiles and posts(known as Toots). It gained popularity after the Atmnirbhar campaign led by PM Modi. Many famous ministers joined Tooter. It has the same UI as Twitter and the same features too. Like, it has a similar timeline, like, comment, and repost toots features too. So why don’t give it a shot.

4. Best Twitter Alternative-Mastodon:-

Twitter Alternatives


Here is a non-Indian app alternative to Twitter, Mastodon is a fully free and open-source decentralized social network. It has no place for racism, bad talks, and much more. It has also microblogging features same as Twitter, that run on independent different Mastodon noes(instances) with their own terms and condition.

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