Earn Money From Quora or How To Make Money On Quora

Do you know? you can not only find the solution to your queries but also can make money through quora. Now, you must be eager to know that How to earn money from quora.

Well, in today’s article we gonna give you some tips by using which you can earn a heavy amount of money from quora and you can make it your job. From now, you do not need to beg money from your parents as well as you need not seek a job as quora is now a job offer for you and this job is not stuck between Boss and employee. We must say, it’s your own job where you are free to earn from 1rupee to lakh or plus. There is no deadline, no pressure, no mention, just do it with dedication and earn money from quora.

What is Quora?

earn money from quora

However, you are already familiar with quora as we think but it is also quite possible that you are not. So, basically, Quora is a question-answer-based platform where you can ask questions from any domain and get the answers similarly for others it works. Now, quora have been launched its partner program, according to quora partner program, you have to just ask your 1-2 line of question/query and this query will make money for you for up to more than one year. This is the best and easy way to earn money from quora that’s why Quora is a trending topic on the web this time. Now, you too want to know more about “How to earn money from quora”? Let’s go, and make sure to read the complete article if you really want to earn money from quora.

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When you are bothered by a question and don’t find a satisfactory answer even on the internet also what you will do? Don’t tell, there is no answer to your question. We know, you already searched on google but still, you are not satisfied right? Did you try on quora in the right way?

Nowadays, quora have at least one to the almost infinite type of answers to your single question. On Quora, there are a million people who have the answers to your questions. You need to ask them not to be worry and just put your hands upon them. Once, you post your question, then you will see that you are getting a lot of answers to your question. Not only do you get the answers, but also you can resolve others’ queries by telling them the right solution/answer.

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How to earn Money From Quora?

Quora is an online platform for all intelligent people from all over the world. You can easily find a plethora of Doctors, engineers, professors, leaders, artists, psychologists, web developers, teachers, students, etc. We must say that Quora is the best platform for teaching and learning. So, why are you waiting to create your profile on quora today, fill in the basic details of yours and start to ask questions, and solve the other’s queries?

How to earn money from the Quora partner program?

Quora has been started its own partner program for all the question askers that mean all the question askers will earn money from the quora partner program. For now, this service is only available for only question-askers but in the future probably available for all Quora users.

According to this partner program, all the question askers will be a partner of the Quora company and the company will give the money to their partners. It is the same as youtube, as youtube pay for YouTubers similarly Quora used to pay for question-askers.

Quora is different from other platforms, on quora, there are only texts and images, also we can find videos rarely. So, below your question, the ad will show, and according to the impressions of your ad (attached to your question), Quora will pay you money for up to one year for a single question.

Can I Earn Money from Quora Partner Program?

Of course, you can earn money from Quora but only when you follow all the rules and regulations of QPP. Below, are the rules and regulations for joining the Quora Partner Program:

  1.  One must follow the community guidelines of the quora partner program. You can read all the community guidelines from their official page.
  2. Your quora content must be viewed by more than 100K people. If you have fulfilled this requirement then you can get the invitation from QPP.
  3. Asked more and more questions but remember questions must be unique, logical, and knowledgable.
  4. Questions must be interesting to attract people to answer them.
  5. Remember how much you will get answers and views that you will earn.
  6. The ratio of the asked questions and answered questions must be balanced.
  7.  Only more and more views will help you to get an invitation to join the quora partner program.
  8. Spend time on quora not only for asking the questions but also for answering the questions and other activities.
  9. You should upvote to others, comments, reports, etc.
  10. You must be given answers to one-third of the requests.
  11. Wrong, fake, and smutty content should be reported by you.
  12. If you follow all the community guidelines and rules then you must be invited by the Quora partner program.


Wrap Up: It’s not a big deal to earn from quora. Just show honesty and your dedication, you will earn money from quora. If you want to know more ways to earn money from home, please visit our blog’s earning section or follow this link.

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