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  • Interview warmup by Google is helping thousands of students to ace their interviews.
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Hey techies! preparing for a job interview? So, stay for a minute on this page and grab some tips that will surely be beneficial for your interview.

In this article, we gonna tell you about a program that is run by tech giant Google, Interview Warmup to ace your interview in your first attempt.

Are you excited to crack your upcoming interview with the help of the Interview Warmpup program?

What is Interview Warmup by Google

So basically,  Interview warmup by google is an efficient way to prepare for your upcoming job interviews and it really doesn’t matter what kind of job interview, you are preparing for.

Interview Warmup


Maybe you are preparing for an IT interview or data analyst, web developer interview, UX designer, Project manager interview, or something else, then this program is definitely going to be very helpful for you guys.

On this platform, you generally get practice key questions, insights about your answers, and one more thing is comfortable interviewing.

How Interview Warmpup is helpful for interview practice | How does it work?

Follow these simple steps described below to get the help from Interview Warmup

Step 1: Visit interview warmup. Click here

Step 2: On the center of your screen, click on the Start Practicing button.

Step 3: Now, select the field for what you are preparing.

Step 4: You have to select among Data Analytics, UX designer, IT Support, Project Management, and E-Commerce.

Step 5: Now, a pop-up will be opened and it asks you to answer the 5 questions and after answering, take a review of them. Click on start.

Step 6: Now again a pop-up will raise and it asks you to activate your microphone. This is only for your practice, as you have to speak in your interview, there is no kind of written interview, right!

Note: No need to worry about your weak communication skills or you are feeling hesitant to represent yourself, as everything is private to you and this is not going to be stored or published anywhere, so keep practicing without any fear.

Step 7: After allowing the microphone, you can now carry on your interview practice.

How is it helping you?

So guys, when you try it after completing all these 7 steps, you will be seeing that there is an inbuilt robot that use to ask some interview-specific questions, and then you have to answer that particular question in English and by speaking not writing.

So, make sure to use a mic so that your voice will be clear to the virtual interviewer.

There is not only a male interviewer but also you can hear the questions from females too, so we must say that the Interview warmup is a virtual platform for your interview preparation.

After finishing all the five questions, never forget to take an insight into your answers and you can also identify the errors and mistakes you did and retake the test.

In this way, your way to speak will improve, your hesitation to express yourself will be reduced and your confidence level will surely be boosted.

Now, you can save your answers if you think that it is worthy to save or else you can practice again, there is no limit to practice.

And the most important thing is every time you can at least one different question from the previous trial. So, in this way, you can get the plethora of mostly asked interview questions, and then you just have to practice for the same or relatable.

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