Top 6 best apps to get diamonds in free fire in May 2022

Online action game Garena Free Fire had gained a bale of popularity and downloads for the past two years. Now gamers want to use Diamonds for purchasing exclusive game items. This article will tell you the Top 6 best apps to get diamonds in Free Fire.

What are Diamonds in Free Fire?

Diamonds in Free Fire are works real diamonds that can be used to buy unique or exclusive items. In Free Fire too, gamers can buy exclusive items like Elite Pass, Pets, Bundles, Cosmetics, and costumes in the game. But the problem is Diamonds are not free. If you wanna purchase exclusive items so first, you have to buy diamonds by spending real money.

Best apps to get diamonds in free fire

But If you are one of those people who do not want to use up your hard-earned money to buy Diamonds in a game then don’t worry, we have listed out the top 6 best apps to get diamonds in the free fire.

Best Free Fire Diamonds Earning App

1) EliteGift-

Apps tp get free diamonds

EliteGift can easily find on Google Play Store. This app serves you Diamonds and Elite Pass both for free. Without spending a rupee, you are getting diamonds currency as well as Elote Pass it’s not that simple you are thinking. If you want to buy diamonds in the free fire, of course, ElitegIft will help you but you have to play some other games before getting diamonds. This app avow to serve you 10K Diamonds in the ElitGift. So, why are you waiting for? Go now on Google Play, download it, and get a lot of FF Diamonds free.

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2) Win Free Diamonds for Free Fire-

Free fire diamonds app free

This app serves you diamonds based on your luck. Yess! you have to spin a wheel and then you can win up to 500 Diamonds in Garena Free Fire. This is also a free rewarding Diamonds in Free Fire. If you want to earn diamonds in FF then simply go to the google play store and try this app.

3) Easy Rewards-

Poll Play and Easy Rewards are worked similarly. Almost every application needs to complete surveys and play other games, Easy Rewards requires too. You are awarded some in-app coins that can be used to buy diamonds in the free fire for the survey you complete, the game you play, and every ad you watch.

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4) Google Opinion Rewards-

Google opinion rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is one of the best apps to get diamonds in Free Fire. Players are required to complete some simple and easy surveys for winning the diamonds. Once you have done with your surveys, you will be rewarded with free diamonds. There is no limit on getting diamonds. How much you want that much you will have to complete many surveys on this app.

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5)Poll Pay-

Free apps to get diamonds in FF

Oll Pay is an indirect app that helps you to get diamonds for free fire. Well, you know what? Poll Play is the best cash app in 2021. This app can be your second income source by just taking part in a few quests and earning rewards, gift cards, and many more things. Once, you get enough coins purchase diamonds in the Garena Free Fire.


Free Fire diamond apps

Developers of Garena’s developed an amazing app namely the Booyah app that allows players to online telecast their gameplay. The developers are constantly adding new events to make the game more fantastic day by day that allows you to earn complimentary diamonds. Install the Booyah app and connect it to your free fire ID. Booyah tickets can be used to purchase items. You can compensate the streamer with a ticket, and after using 500 Booyah tickets, you will be able to earn 10 diamonds for in-game products.

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