Google Nearby Share- A New Competitor to Airdrop


  • Google Nearby Share- A new competitor to apple’s Airdrop.
  • Google Nearby is going to include self share mode very soon.
  • Users would not be required to approve between their own devices share.

Google Nearby share


Google’s tools are undoubtedly awesome. For example, Google files are the best ever option to share and save files although it is not very advanced but of course easy to use and free.

But now with the latest beta update, Google is planning to launch an easy and accessible share option that is called Google Nearby Share. It is quite similar to Apple’s AirDrop.

But now, this is going to be a new competitor for Apple’s Airdrop as the tech giant is planning to update the app with some special functionality and features.

Mishaal Rahman, from Esperdev, was spotted on the Google Nearby Share. The Nearby Share feature will permit us to transfer files among the devices logged in. Nearby Share’s working procedure is similar to Apple’s Airdrop.

Mishaal Rahman tweeted on Twitter regarding the new updates in Nearby Share.

Google Nearby Share Tweet


This will allow you to share files between logged-in devices with the same Google account, without needing to approve the share first. Notably, only for your devices, it will not ask you to approve, still, you will see the approval screen when receiving files from someone else’s device.

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Mishaal Rahman says this feature is available in the latest version of nearby share, on the Google play service but unable to use it for now.

Till now, making sure to approve while sharing files between two devices was an essential part of this action but now Google has removed this hurdle and Nearby shares became smooth like Airdrop.

Still, the date of releasing this new feature is not decided but we can estimate that it will available in Google I/O 2022.

How to share files by Google Nearby Share

  • When the receiver’s device has Nearby Share enabled on Files by Google.

1. Open files in the Google app

2. On some devices, tap on the three dots on left.

3. Then, tap on share offline.

4. Tap the share button, on the bottom of your screen.

5. Choose the path from where you want to share the file.

6. Now, tap on the send.

7. Check the circle, next to the file you want to send.

8. Tap send on the bottom of your screen.

9. A nearby share pop-up will appear, tap on turn on.

10. On the receiver’s phone, tap on the share at the bottom of your phone’s screen and then click receive.  Now, turn on the nearby share as asked in the appeared pop-up.

11. Once, the sender has found the receiver’s network, simply tap on that and this will start sharing.

12. Wait, until the complete file is not sent.

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