Covid 19 summit 2022- Everything You Need to Know


  • Corona cases are again rising in the USA.
  • The second global Covid 19 summit 2022 is set for 12 May.

As Covid 19 is rising up again at a very high pace so yesterday on 18 April 2022 Washington situated The White House announced to lead a second Covid 19 summit  2022 for discussing the ways to end this pandemic. This second summit will be held online on 12 May 2022. Several countries will be a part of the serious discussion to prepare for future health threats.

Covid 19 summit 2022

In a meeting with the group of 7 countries and the group of 20 nations The White House said, ” The emergence and spread of new variants, like Omicron, have reinforced the need for a strategy aimed at controlling COVID-19 worldwide”.

The White House announced the second Covid 19 summit 2022

Condition of the rising cases of the virus is going very bad before it will show the wept results, all countries should take a wise decision and this is only possible by conducting a meeting either online or in offline mode, but due to the fact that cases of covid are increasing day by day mainly in the USA, So it’s not good to go for an offline group discussion.

This is why The White House has announced a virtual Covid 19 Summit in the next month on 12 May 2022.

We can check the covid cases on Google, whether they are going down or rising up.

The first global corvid 19 Summit was made for the maximum vaccinations and treatments for the highest risk population first and then to lower. And probably the upcoming Covid 19 summit will be conducted for making the other plans to stop this virus by hook or by crook.

According to a statement comes from the White House, the second Covid Summit will include expanding protections for health care workers and generating financing for pandemic preparedness.

“We know we must prepare now to build, sustain, and finance the global capacity we need, not only for emerging COVID-19 variants but also future health crises,” it said

The second global Covid 19 summit will build on the themes and commitments made during the first international covid 19 summit and will try to find a solution to get rid of this pandemic either for the long term or forever.

Mainly it will emphasize the solutions including treatments and deployments of tests, extending the health workforce, and generating sustainable financing for fighting the rising virus.

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