How to get a zodiac sign on Snapchat

Some of us often worry about our zodiac signs and zodiac sign results, so we use to check in newspapers, over the internet, or watch news related to zodiac sign results on a daily basis. But did you know, you can save your precious time by checking your zodiac sign results on Snapchat? Yes, we are able to check our zodiac sign results for sure on Snapchat. Wanna excited to see how this is possible? Okay, let’s begin.

To get a Zodiac sign on Snapchat either on iPhone or on an Android phone is so simple. Don’t trust? Stay tuned with us we will let you know how to get a zodiac sign on Snapchat.


No matter whether you are using iPhone or Android app, the process to add a zodiac sign on Snapchat is similar on both iPhone and Android.

Many people ask this question Are the zodiac signs results on Snapchat true?

The answer to this question can not be explained in one word. Actually, Snapchat uses astrological profiles to get the results regarding your zodiac sign. If you have trust in astrological profiles then it is easy for you to trust Snapchat zodiac results and vice versa.

But to check your zodiac results by using your zodiac sign on Snapchat, make sure to enter the correct information about your name, date of birth, time and location, and the other factors. required by Snapchat.

Enter your real name, not your nickname, enter your real date of birth not documents date of birth. I hope, you have understood what I am trying to say.

You can also check your friend’s zodiac results if you are added him/her but again make sure his/her entries filling are absolutely true. But if you just wanna enjoy this new feature childishly, then, of course, you can do it, no need to enter the correct information regarding your date of birth and birth location, etc, note that this is only applicable when you are not serious.

This is How you can get a zodiac sign on Snapchat

For getting a zodiac sign on Snapchat profile, the first thing is to download the Snapchat app and Sign up with your credentials. Log in, in case, you have already been downloaded, and sign up.

After creating an astrological profile on Snapchat, you’ll be getting information about your zodiac sign as well as your zodiac sign will be displayed on your profile. We’ll discuss the complete process of getting a zodiac sign, in steps on Snapchat Profile.

To get a zodiac sign on Snapchat you are required to be ready with your name, Date of birth, location of birth, time of birth, etc as you will need this for completing your Snapchat profile and getting a zodiac sign based on your provided information.

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Create an Astrological Profile on Snapchat

Now, it’s time to get started, first of all, open the Snapchat application on your iPhone/Android phone. Tap the top-left corner. ( Profile Icon)

get a zodiac sign on snapchat


Under your name, you will see a zodiac sign, tap on this.

Snapchat zodiac sign


There is a page namely the “Astrological Profile”, giving details about different zodiac signs. Once read this information, click on the “Continue” button.

Now, you will see the My Birth Information page opened in front of you, fill out your correct details if you are serious to get zodiac sign results. Snapchat, itself added your date of birth, you just have to set the time and location of your birth.

Once, you entered the Bith place and time of your birth, click on complete.

Now, Snapchat is working on your profile, wait, please! Once this is done, you’ll see your zodiac sign and your nature based on your zodiac sign.

You can share this information with your friends, parents, etc. To share this,  see the bottom-left corner of your screen, tap the share icon. To post this information on Snapchat, then in the bottom-right corner, tap the “Send To” icon.

If the provided details are not enough for you, don’t worry, click on read more on your screen.

Once, your zodiac results will be generated this will look like the below image.

snapchat astrological results

Voila! you have made your zodiac sign profile on Snapchat. This will be available in your Snapchat account. In case, you wanna return to this profile again in the future, simply open your profile page in Snapchat and tap your zodiac sign.

Moreover, if you made some mistakes while creating the profile,  make sure to correct them via Snapchat settings.


To trust your zodiac sign results provided through Snapchat is totally depends on you and your entry filling related to your birth. We neither suggest you trust this zodiac sign results nor prohibit you from not trust on this. It’s your wish how you are dealing with this.

I hope you have understood till now, How to get a zodiac sign on Snapchat, and are zodiac sign results true?

Considering Snapchat astrology is depends on your choice, whether you want to or not.

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