Snapchat dark mode- How to turn on dark mode on snapchat

Custom dark theme or dark mode is making a buzz nowadays. We all want to protect our eyes from the white light of our mobile screen. Having an eye on this requirement from users now almost every most downloaded app and the website provides you an option or turns on black more or dark mode. But the Snapchat dark mode is in iPhone only for now.

But In this article, we will see how to turn on Snapchat dark mode either on iPhone or on android. We think you all are familiar with Snapchat but if you not then no need to be worry about this we are going to introduce Snapchat.

What is Snapchat?


Snapchat is an application that is used in taking photos, snaps, little moments, short videos(up to 60 seconds), streaks with amazing filters muffs, faces, lenses, Flayers, etc moreover people can share their media instant with their friends connected on Snapchat. Once, you open others media it will disappear itself. Don’t worry about your clicks and clips you can view your photographs and videos in your mobile gallery for sure.

How to turn on Snapchat Dark Mode on iPhone

To enable Snapchat dark mode on iPhone is too simple. If you are an iPhone user and want to turn on the dark theme in Snapchat iPhone simply follow the below steps.

1. Open Snapchat and click on the profile icon.

Snapchat dark mode

  2. Now, on the profile page tap on the Settings gear icon on the top right corner. You’ll find My Account.

3. Under My Account there is an option App Appearance. Tap it

Snapchat dark mode


4. Now, choose the Always Dark option to change your Snapchat mode into Dark mode.

Snapchat dark theme

Voila! it is done. You have successfully put Snapchat dark mode.

How toturn on dark mode on snapchat


How to Turn on Snapchat Dark mode?

Turning on Snapchat dark mode on an android device is not that simple as on iPhone because there is no option like app appearance in Snapchat for android users. But still, we will tell you to turn on Snapchat dark mode. All you need to do is read carefully and if find it useful then share with your friends as everyone prefers dark mode these days.

Officially there is no dark mode option on Snapchat for android users. If future updates will allow you to turn it on then we will inform you and tell you the way how to turn on Snapchat dark mode on android. But for instant, we have only the following technique that can be enabled from developer options.

You will have to activate the “forced systemwide dark mode” option from developer options. Although it is not good, yeah it is better than face retina-blinding light mode on Android. So, if you still wanna activate force-enabling dark mode in Snapchat for Android, here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to your mobile’s settings and press the “About phone”.
  2. Scroll down, you’ll find the Build Number option.
  3. Click on Build Number not once but 7 times. This made you enable to change in developer mode.
  4. Go back to the settings Home page and navigate to System -> Developer options” for accessing developer options.
  5. Now, you will see a toggle that shows Override force-dark, enabling it and when you go back on your app screen, you’ll find that every app is now on dark mode which doesn’t support Dark Mode.



New versions of Snapchat do not support enabling force-dark toggle on Android. So you have to download the previous version APK file of Snapchat to turn on Dark mode on Snapchat.


Easy way to turn on Dark Mode on Snapchat:

We have seen every manner of doing so but did not find any now we have only one easy option to turn on the Phone’s default dark mode. Yes, by turning on the phone’s dark mode you’ll be to enable dark mode on Snapchat android.


Wrap Up

Hope you found this article useful as we have discussed How to turn on dark mode on Snapchat either on iPhone or Android. Stay tuned with us to find the latest information about Snapchat.


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