How to donate on Twitch

Your little bit of donation on twitch can encourage creators for creating more such content they are creating already. It helps twitch creators a lot if their viewers support to donate on twitch.

It might be a little bit confusing, what I am saying but only when you are not familiar with the Twitch app. So, first, let’s know about What is Twitch in addition to how it works?

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What is Twitch?

Basically, Twitch is a live streaming platform or application where streamers stream live videos of their activities. Since pandemic, most of the streamers are used to stream live gameplay but of course, some people are used Twitch for streaming cooking, craft creating, creating ats, vlogging, gambling, singing, making music, etc.

They put a lot of effort, invest their time in making content, you like to watch live, and also spend money for filming a high video plus audio quality live stream. In this scenario, if you donate a bit to their twitch account definitely it will help them financially.

Your small donation can balance someone’s life.

Not donate for all creators/streamers but you should donate to those who you love to watch live.

Donate on twitch

So, now, once you have decided to donate on twitch, lemme tell you the ways “How to donate on twitch mobile app?

Below are 5 ways that will help you out to donate on twitch. We will enlight each way.

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5 Ways to donate on Twitch

1. By subscribing to your favorite twitch streamer 

Subscribing to your loved one twitch streamer is a great way to support him/her. There are three tiers type subscriptions that vary from $4.99-to $24.99. You will get channel emotes, watch ad-free streams, and can participate only in subscriber content in exchange for a subscription.

Now, maybe you are thinking about subscription processing on twitch, here is how you can subscribe on twitch in 2022.

Follow these simple steps-

  1. Move on to your favorite twitch channel. Click on “subscribe” at the top right of the video player. but remember to see that the channel has reached Twitch Affiliate or Twitch Partner status.
  2. Now, you will get to see a box with the written benefits of a tier-one subscription. Click the subscribe button if you want to take a tier-one subscription and press continue. But in case,  you want to subscribe for the tier 2 or tier 3 subscription, scroll down a bit and find your preferences.
  3. now, this is the time for real donation. It will redirect you to another page where you can pay either with PayPal or Credit Card. Once, the payment is processed, Your subscription will begin.

2. Cheer on Twitch

Sometimes, there may be a case that your streamer hasn’t set up a donation tab or you might feel uncomfortable by donating with the third party website. So, in this case, you can use donate Twitch bits. Donating Twitch bits is called Cheer on twitch.

Viewers can purchase directly from Twitch company for a small markup on their value. Each Twitch Bit is equal to 1 US Penny. Usually, people denote 100bits (1.40 US dollars). Some people donate more for ranking on twitch channels based on donations.

For cheering bits on twitch click on the bits icon in the chatbox, the cheermote selection menu will pop up. Here you can select cheermotes to your cheer.

3. Directly donate to a Twitch Streamer

Directly donation is the best process of donation on twitch. In this mode, Twitch creators get 100% of your donation, Twitch will not charge even a bit.

but for directly donating a twitch streamer must have linked with a third-party company.

This is how you can directly donate to a Twitch streamer-

Scroll down to his/her profile and click on the donation panel link. . Your payment will totally depend upon the streamer, you may either pay cash or through crypto-currency.

4. Shopping via affiliate links

On Twitch, streamers can set up affiliate links even before they get sponsored. On shopping through their set up affiliated links, you can get a 10-15% discount and the streamer will also get a small benefit from this. Purchasing their merchandise if they have can support them.

5. How to donate on Twitch for free

If you have thoughts to help someone but you are not strong financially, there are various ways to help them. Here is how you can show support to your favorite twitch streamer

  • Engage with chat and add new members, join the community, and value to the community by being helpful.
  • Try to reach out to your streamer and ask them for your help if they needed.
  • Promotion of your favorite streamer will help really a lot to them and you can easily do this job by spreading their live stream link on social networks.


So, we have covered the 5 ways to donate on Twitch now, it’s your turn to support your streamers by making some donations. Also, if you know more ways of donation on twitch, undoubtedly, you can drop into the comment section.

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