Tesla Phone- Price, Specification, Release Date, Rumors

Do you know what is circulating on the internet nowadays which is related to Tesla Phone? Well, lemme tell you Tesla presents a new model which is going to be launched soon. The model of the smartphone has the name Tesla Pi/P. in this article, we will figure out all the necessary things that are to must discussable. We will cover What is the Price of the Tesla Phone’s new model Pi? What are the specifications of the Tesla Phone? What is the release date of Tesla’s Mobile Phone model Pi? and much more.



Tesla Phone release date

Tesla is popular for releasing the most exciting and amazing products like A Cybertruck specially designed for Kids,  an umbrella with the Tesla brand logo on it, a stainless-steel whistle, and now a phone model as a bit unexpected at least yet.

Well, some estimates are giving an idea about the official release of the Tesla Phone model Pi but we can’t assure that estimations are completely true until we see Elon Musk tweet regarding this smartphone. Concisely, the release date of the Tesla Phone is still is a mystery but tell you as soon as this will confirm.

What is the price of the Tesla Phone model Pi?

Tesla Phone price in the U.S.A

If you are planning to buy Tesla Phone and want to check out your budget regarding the actual price of a Tesla smartphone so, this can be considered that Tesla’s phone will cost you more than a few dollars.  You might see it at a more sensible $800-$1,200.

Tesla Phone specifications

Since we are discussing Elon Musk and Tesla so this should be already clear to you that this phone will have lots of amazing as well as super features. Lemme give you one by one short description of Tesla’s Phone features.

Tesla Phone Features

1. Solar charging: Usually the main manufacturing components of Tesla are solar panels and vehicles. So, this is not a breaking silence surprise that Tesla Phone supports solar charging.

2. Astrophotography: All the brand mobile companies use AI and powerful lenses and cameras to make the phone a camera phone. But Tesla Phone uses special and advanced technologies to make it Astrophotography specific camera phone that will capture astronomical components very clear.

3. Satellite Internet: Tesla Phone will have a support of antenna satellite internet and it might be a good service on a mini device.

4. Vehicle Control: Tesla has already launched an app to learn proper car functions. Locking/ unlocking of car, playback music, summon control. You will get this app preinstalled on your tesla smartphone. And it might happen that the app will offer some special and unique operations only for Tesla phone users.

5. Crypto mining: We have heard in the air that Musk will surely apply his Crypto skills in this new launching of the Phone. Most probably Musk will use Marscoin.

6. Neuralink support: The thought of computers interacting with the brain is still basically sci-fi, and Neuralink is one of the organizations chipping away at it. They say they’re “planning the principal neural embed that will allow you to control a PC or cell phone anyplace you go.”…with the movement of your mind, just by mulling over everything. Could the principal telephone prepared to do such an accomplishment be from Tesla? An early emphasis could run on any telephone with the Neuralink application, yet it’d likewise seem OK to see it here, considering Musk possesses Neuralink.

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These are some special features that are to be hoped to find in Tesla Phone. Now, we can just wait for official arriving of Tesla Phone.

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