How to make a memoji on android

In this blog, I am going to tell you how to make a memoji on android. As we all know that memoji is iPhone’s application which is introduced in iPhone X and later in iOS 13 and later on the other iPhone’s products.

make a memoji on android

What is Memoji?

Memoji is the same feature as android’s emoji. In android, the emoji are preinstalled in the application but in iPhone, you can create emoji instantly with the help of iPhone modules and these emoji are pretty much similar to iPhone’s users. In iPhone, these emoji are called memoji.

Popularly there are 3 ways to make a memoji on android

  • Samsung’s Android users can access their AR facility to make memoji
  • You can use your friend’s iPhone to make memoji and send to WhatsApp 
  • There are many third-party apps that help to make a memoji in android

     1- way to make a memoji on android –

some android users like Samsung provide you the application so you can make a memoji on android with the help of the AR facility by following simple modules and later you can access them with the help of Samsung’s inbuild keyboard and create fun while chatting with your friends.


  1. Open the Samsung emoji function AR System and start the camera device on the top.
  2. select the hair, clothes, glasses, and skin color of the choosing avtaar to make a memoji in android.
  3. And then follow the simple instruction to get memoji of your own face.

     2- way to make a memoji on android –

Ask an iPhone from one of your friends and open the iPhone’s memoji module software and make as many memoji of different looks or avatars of your faces and then use WhatsApp messenger to send to our android phone and later save as favorite stickers in our WhatsApp. Then you can use the cool memoji of iPhone in your android while chatting with others.

 3- way to make a memoji on android –

There is a simple way to make a memoji on android by using third-party apps like Bitmoji. The user interface of the is easy and quick so can easily make your own memoji on android by using his software. Just follow the simple steps-:

  • Download this app from the play store and complete the registration process ( email registration, general detail, etc)
  • Give them permission to access the camera and take a selfie, then select the boy or girl memoji
  • Then use other software like changing clothes, eye color, skin color, etc and then press the select button then it automatically start generating our memoji
  • once you get the memoji click on the top right button to check and that’s it: the “statuses” of the created Bitmoji will be quickly available within the application and, also on the Google keyboard.
  • Then lunch the application on your android to use memoji in messenger apps and then start sharing memoji with just one click on Bitmoji.

What is the best app to make a Memoji on Android?

other than Bitmoji there are also other android applications that help you to make a memoji on android. You can download this app free from the play store.

Zepeto-: this app is an alternate of Bitmoji app which provides you software to make collection memoji in the app and you can easily shared with the different social media messenger platforms. It also required a simple registration process in the begin then you feel free to use

Face came-: It initially required registration to access the 3-day free trial but later you have to pay $9.90/week. you can edit and make a memoji on android. Here you can make the 3-D avatar also.

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