Top 8 Best apps to learn quantum computing

If you are here after seeing the title Quantum computing and thinking that this is a new technology so first of all lemme clear to you that this is not a new technology but yeah you must beware of the word quantum computing.

In this article, we are going to tell you the top 8 best apps to learn quantum computing because of the increasing requirements of quantum computing developers we had to write an article on this.

But do you know what Quantum Computing actually is?

The word Quantum Computing was introduced in the mid of the year 1990 by Peter Shor. Peter Shor was a professor at MIT and he gave an algorithm to break the public-key cryptography similar to what we are using nowadays. But, from a few past years, Quantum Computing had achieved a good position even Google has announced that it had achieved quantum supremacy (although this claim has been challenged by IBM, that’s another story…).

Now, lemme tell you the top 8 best apps to learn Quantum Computing

best apps to learn quantum computing

Best Apps to learn Quantum Computing

Here are 8 apps all are fantastic with some special features so whatever you like most you can download from your compatible store.

1. Quantum Computing

Quantum computing is free-to-use software that allows you to learn quantum computing from basics to advance. Your all fundamentals are going to clear with this app. Since this app is only an emulator it will show only the position of the qubits on the block sphere.

There are multiple predefined single-qubit gates as well as multi-qubit gates.

Main features
• You’ll find up to 10 qubits
• Maximum count of gates is 4
• High number of shots (up to 2^20)
• Multiple predefined gates
•    Instant results
• Export results
• Gate sequence’s import/export is possible, export as OpenQASM
• Take the hermitian conjugate of any gate
• Show Bloch sphere
• Represent state vector of the system
• Auto and Opt-in circuit optimization

users can create and run algorithms with loops and conditions in addition to displaying the final unitary matrix for smaller circuits and you can visualize multi-qubit states better.

2. Hello Quantum

Hello Quantum has a 4.8-star rating out of 5on Google Play Store. Start to learn the fundamentals of quantum mechanics in a different manner with the help of puzzle sequences.
The rules to be proficient in quantum computing with this app are easy but a little bit tricky. But by mastering them. But if you carry on your journey with this app, I ensure you will do good in your forward future of quantum computing but make sure to use this app truly and wisely.

3. Quantum TiqTaqToe

If truly says, this is not an app as others actually this is a game which wraps the power to teach you the basic fundas of quantum physics. So now, this is super easy to learn quantum computing while you are entertaining your mind. You will be able to make intuition for the strangeness, of the quantum realm while playing the Quantum version of TicTacToe.

4. Quantum

This app houses an Intelligible plus complete and easy explanation of the basic phenomena of quantum mechanics in different chapters. There are 13 chapters in total which are sufficient to make you understand the funda of how quantum mechanics work and how to implement it.
You not only learn here but also check your learning capabilities by attempting 60 test questions divided into 4 tests.

5. The Quantum Dice

As a ludo dice has 6 phases and the whole ludo revolves around it similarly with Q-Dice all possibilities exist, and a single measurable outcome is provided.

Download this amazing free software now and get to know about quantum computing- a different branch of computer science.

6. Quantum 3

Quantum 3 is an educational game for all age groups where the reason for fun is quantum physics! You will get to know how to build subatomic particles also learn about the mysteries of fundamental physics and deploy antimatter to clear the way! You’ll match and swap quarks to make (and learn about) the baryons you need for each objective.

7. Quantum Puzzle Generator

Learn quantum tactics by solving puzzles this will help you a lot in Familiarizing yourself from the basics of quantum computing to the advanced level. The agenda behind developing this amazing quantum computing learning app is to find the combination of quantum logic gates from which the qubits need to pass, in order to achieve the desired quantum state.

8. dotBloch

Let’s take a step up to explore an amazing journey of the secrets of quantum computing! with dotBloch, start to learn the basics of this revolutionary branch of computer science and reach the top. It’s not going to be too hard and not too much easy, so have some patience and start your learning right now.

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