Best 7 Resources to Learn Cloud Computing

Best 7 Resources to Learn Cloud Computing

Hey Techies!! Are you searching for the Top resources or android apps to learn Cloud Computing? So, you are at the very right place because we are going to tell you the top 8 free resources from where you can start your journey in the cloud. But, before this let me introduce you to Cloud Computing.

So, “cloud computing is nothing but the delivery of computing services like storage, database, software, services, analytics, and intelligence over the internet(“The cloud”) to offer fast innovation and flexible resources.”


So, if you want to start your career with cloud computing, so let’s know about the various resources available over the internet.

Here top of the 3 are android apps and the remaining are some websites and companies that offered courses to learn cloud computing.


1. Learn Cloud Computing & Cloud Based development:

Best 7 Resources to Learn Cloud Computing

In this app, you will learn Cloud Computing with AWS & cloud lessons and you will also find complete tutorials. The overall rating is too good and this app has been crossed 10K+ downloads. It is one of the best apps to learn Cloud Computing. The main thing is that all the topics are structured way, you will not face any difficulty while finding a particular topic. This app is available on Google Play Store for free.

2. Cloud Academy:

Best 7 Resources to Learn Cloud Computing

Through this free app, you will be able to implement Cloud Computing and the main benefit of this app is you will be certified after completing the course. I found it the best cloud computing learning app. You will find topic-wise quizzes in this app and also learning paths. You can download your favorite content for the offline mode not only this but also you can use the widgets to track your performance. The overall rating on Google Play Store is 4.6 and more than 50K peoples already downloaded it.

3. Cloud Computing Tutorial:

Best 7 Resources to Learn Cloud Computing

You would also find this app very helpful during your Cloud Computing journey. Cloud Computing Tutorial provides you basic concepts with 150+ HR Interview Q&A. Also in this app, you find separate sections to learn Azure, AWS, Cloud Computing Basics, interview questions, etc. Its

The overall rating on Google Play Store is 4.6 and it has 10K+ downloads.

4. Coursera:

Best 7 Resources to Learn Cloud Computing

Basically, Coursera is an e-Learning leading online Platform. Coursera collaborated with various leading universities throughout the world like Yale, Stanford, Harvard, Penn State, etc. Coursera is one of the best resources to learn cloud computing as well as any technology.

They are providing various trending courses including Cloud Computing and they also provide you the verified certificate of course completion which you can use in your resume. You can find Coursera from here or on Google Play Store. Go for Cloud Computing courses on Coursera click here.

5. Amazon Web Services(AWS):

Best 7 Resources to Learn Cloud Computing

 Amazon Web Services are offering more than 150 courses on AWS fundamentals and these courses are structured packed and very having very useful information. Some of their featured courses include:

· AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials

· Introduction to AWS Secrets Manager

· Big Data Technology Fundamentals

· AWS Analytics Services Overview

Click for Amazon AWS Training.

6. Google Cloud Platform(GCP):

Best 7 Resources to Learn Cloud Computing

GCP is another very good place to learn Cloud Computing. This course is free on Udemy in the 6hrs of duration and video content and more than 41K peoples enrolled for this course which is really a good amount.It is one of the best site to learn cloud computing on its own platform google cloud.

Firstly you will understand the basics of the Google Cloud Platform such as databases and Compute services as well as the storage services.

After this, you will start exploring the GCP interface like the SDK, Shell, and more. Then, you will start using the Compute service and creating an instance and the cloud storage and SQL databases, networking services, and platform management as well.

Click here to join for free.

7. Learning Microsoft Azure:

Best 7 Resources to Learn Cloud Computing

 As we mentioned before that there are lots of online resources to provide you the Cloud Computing tutorial Microsoft Azure is also one of them. This free and small course is an introduction to how to use this service and get familiar with its services and infrastructure.

Join this free Azure course — Learning Microsoft Azure

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