Top 5 Best apps to invest in US stocks from India

Want to invest in US stocks and look for the top 5 best apps to invest in US stocks from India. To open a brokerage account in America is possible but hectic. And we don’t want to see you worry that’s why we are going to share some best apps to invest in US stocks from India.

Below are some apps that will allow you to not only open a brokerage account in the USA but also you can invest in high-pay scale stocks of the USA even you are just sitting in India.

Although there are already some apps available on market for the purpose of brokering but these kinds of apps are not that relevant and beneficial. Nowadays, Indian people are moving towards investing in US stocks with the help of stock investing apps.

Why we should invest in US stocks?

We should invest in US stocks with Indian money on the basis of the following features:

  1. Zero fees to remit money.
  2. Best exchange rate ( Get more dollars for a rupee)
  3. No paperwork.
  4. Commission Free.

How to invest in US stocks from India?

The agenda of all apps are the same and the agenda is: “To make investing in financial markets with more relevance, affordable, intuitive, fun.

  1. Create an account for absolutely free.
  2. Invest in 1000+ US stocks now it can be any tech giant stock, organization stock, etc.
  3. Get personalized advisory for investing in stocks wisely.

What are the best tech companies to invest in from India?

Investing in the stock market is just like a game of chess so make sure to play it with your sense and calmness. Investing in a wrong or worst company can give you more loss in just a single minute.

Here is the list of best companies to invest in US stocks from India:

  1. Apple INC
  2. Microsoft Corporation
  3. Facebook INC-Class A
  4. Alphabet INC-Class C
  5. Adobe INC
  6. Cisco Systems INC
  7. Accenture plc-class A
  8. Oracle Corp.
  9. Intel Corp.
  10. Shopify INC.

list of best companies to invest into genres US stocks from India:

  1. Sunland technology group ADR.
  2. Valneva SE-ADR
  3. Aterian INC
  4. Global Star INC
  5. Lightning eMotors. INC.

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Top 5 Best apps to invest in US stocks from India:

1. Stockal-Invest & Trade in US Stocks & ETFs:

Best app to invest in US stocks

Stockal is an amazing and beneficial stocks investment app to kickstart your investing journey in global stock markets not only in the US stocks market. Invest in over 5,500+ U.S. listed company stocks and ETFs. Start with as low as $.01. Stockal makes international investing, smart, simple, and secure for investors in India and the Middle East.

Why use stockal to invest in US market:

  1. The hassle-free and global investing app, zero account opening fees, more than 5500 choices to choose US stocks and ETFs.
  2. Paperless work
  3. No, the minimum account deposit money is required.
  4. Flexible, fast, low-cost, and brokerage plans.
  5. Safe and secure are also trusted by India’s largest financial institutions.
  6. Instant updation.
  7. Smart monitoring and tracking of your portfolio and go.

2. INDmoney:

US stocks investing app

Basically, INDmoney is a super money app that is also available for investing in US stocks from India. Moreover, it is 100% safe, secure, and private.


  1. Invest in US stocks.
  2. Zero brokerage to buy and sell US stocks.
  3. Best USD-INR exchange rate.
  4. Invest in Mutual funds at zero cost.
  5. Take fixed deposits and get a higher return
  6. Financial and retirement planning.
  7. Redeem your funds with a single click.
  8. Monthly and weekly analysis.
  9. Track your portfolio from top brokers.

3. Vested:

Mutual funds app US

Vested is also one of the top and best apps for Indians to get started investing in the US stock market. We’ve listed out some detailed features on Vested, feel free to check it out. It is the first app that made it really easy to buy US stocks in India. Viram Shah is the founder of Vested.


  1. Zero commission investing, no brokerage fee.
  2. Fractional purchase of US stocks
  3. Zero minimum balance is required.
  4. Live data feed of your investing, buying, and selling.
  5. The best portfolio dashboard
  6. Quick account opening facility.
  7. Curated portfolio based on the investor risk profile
  8. Tax documents – something other apps don’t offer at all.

4. Groww:

Top 5 Best apps to invest in US stocks from India

In terms o smoothness, flexibility, interface, reliability, Groww is must say Amazing app. You can open a partnership account with view trade security.


  1. The simple and easy sign-up process, one-time KYC done within the app.
  2. Use filters to get the top mutual funds list.
  3. One click to buy and sell the shares.
  4. You can switch regular funds to direct funds for free.
  5. Share market trading made easy.


5. Upstocks:

Best apps to invest in US stocks from India

Download Upstocks today, to discover stocks easily, get insights, follow LIVE news, learn and trade and experience a faster and easier way to trade and invest in US stocks from India.
Join one of India’s largest investment platforms trusted by over 50+ lakh investors. It will help you with all your investment needs. Now you can invest in stocks, mutual funds, gold, IPOs, and futures & options with this state-of-the-art investment platform.


  1. Invest in mutual funds.
  2. Invest in stocks.
  3. Intraday and F&O.
  4. Invest in IPOs.
  5. Start investing with 0 fees.

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