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watch Kota factory season 2 for free



Are you a web series lover? So, you are at the very right place. Today’s article is just for you, we have again back with an amazing article for people like you. We will let you know how to watch Kota factory seson2 for free and download Kota factory season 2 all episodes.

If you are a teenager and hardworking student so, this article is going to be heaven for you because in this article we will tell you the resources to watch the very popular and must-watch web series for IIT and NEET aspirants and the web series is- Kota factory’s season 2. Yeah, man! You read it absolutely correctly. After reading this article you will be compelled to share this article not only with your friends but also among your classmates because of the huge popularity of Kota Factory season 1 which was released in 2019 and became popular in India. Now, there is a thinkable question who is there, who doesn’t want to watch season 2 of Kota Factory.  Who watched season 1 of Kota Factory he just loved it as the story of this web series is relatable to IIT and NEET aspirant’s life.  Taking the name as Kota Factory was in Rajasthan state there is a huge city namely Kota where millions of students choose to take coaching for cracking IIT or NEET. More than 500 students take classes in a single classroom, this is why the name is Kota Factory.

Kota Factory had successfully stable a DHOOM in the web series world. We can say it is an OP series for all students.

Jeetu Bhiya played an important role in Vaibhav’s life as well as in the series but Jeetu Bhiya is missing in Kota Factory season 2

But unfortunately, if you have missed the Kota Factory season 1 no need to be upset as you are on the TechGecs. We will tell you the summary of Kota Factory season 1. If you are luckily watched season 1 so you can skip the following paragraph and directly move on to the “How to watch Kota Factory season 2”?


Story of Kota Facory Season 1



Kota Factory is a Hindi web series that was directed by Raghav Subbu and created by Saurabh Khanna for the TVF, in 2019. Here, TVF is meant by The Viral Fever, this is a YouTube channel, mobile app, Website. In this series Kota, Rajasthan is shown as a hub of students where students come from all over the country for preparing IIT and NEET. The main role was played by 16-years old Vaibhav( Mayur) who come to Kota for preparing IIT. This series shows the life of students of Kota and their efforts while they are preparing for their entrance exam. There are some other stars Jitendra Kumar(Jeetu Bhiya), Ahsaas Channa, Alam Khan, and Ranjan Raj in prominent roles. We recommend watching Kota factory season 1 for free on youtube before watching the second season of Kota Factory.

The series includes 5 episodes in total.

Episode 1: Inventory

Episode 2: Assembly Line

Episode 3: Optimization

Episode 4: Shutdown

Episode 5: Overhaul

To elaborate each episode one by one take us away from our main title so I short, the summary of the series is, the series is played by students and in each episode, every situation of an aspirant has shown. His/her frustration, willpower, distraction, attention, tension, preparation, and the results. Every phase as well as every aspect of an aspirant had shown in this series and the taste is really relatable.


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Kota Factroy Season 2 Trailer



The teaser of the second season is continuously insisting fans, as Jeetu Bhaiya is missing. In the first season, the student’s favorite physics mentor, Jeetu Bhaiya, has left the tuition center. But later he makes an entry, of course, with some good vibes. The teaser also gives a foretaste into the daily life of Vaibhav, Uday, and Balamukund as they came to Kota for preparing IIT.

Click here:- Watch Kota Factory season 2 teaser

How to download Kota Factory season 2 all episodes:



For your kind information, Kota Factory is not free as Kota Factory season 1 as it is going to be released by Netflix and everybody knows Netflix is not free. But luckily the subscription plans are not of too much cost.

Netflix has been declared the Kota Factory Season 2, and fans are eagerly waiting for 24 September 2021. The creators have already shared the trailer of the second season that will premiere on Netflix on September 24. So you just can take any subscription according to your budget. After that users can watch Kota factory season 2 for free.


How to watch Kota Factory season 2 for free



Unluckily this season will be premiered by Netflix so you can watch only the trailer for free. Of course, there are several pirated websites that provide you the various series for free but we don’t recommend doing so. Because this can be a great loss to creators as well as it can harm your privacy. If you wanna watch Kota Factory season 2 so you have to purchase a Netflix premium plan and then you can download the series or watch it online. Or either you can take other’s Netflix accounts to watch Kota factory season 2 for free.


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