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Either you are a 12th pass student or graduated from an ordinary university or college, sooner or later you could think about taking admission to Delhi University right? If yes, then here is the list of the top 3 best youtube channels for Delhi University students.

Well, if you never think about this so don’t need to go ahead, in this article, we will tell you the very amazing facts about DU that would compel you to take admission to Delhi University. There is a lot of confusion at the time of admission as well as after. So we thought to put the list of some of the best youtube channels for DU information.

Why is Delhi University best?


Below are some awesome facts about Delhi University that make this university different from others.

1. Fewer Fees and High-Quality Education:


Don’t be wonder this is absolutely true that DU doesn’t take any extra charges from your side as this is a government university. Although there are various campuses in DU but fees is not that too much that you are thinking, the fees of a year is just equal to your monthly spending. Yes, in the Hansraj and Hindu College the fee is approximately 21,000 INR per year and in other campuses fee is just going from 7000 to 8000 Rs. Per year. While if you take admission in other government or private university they take from you more but provides just less than half of it, but in DU they provide you equally. This can be the very first reason to take admission to Delhi University.


2. Exposure to make a bright future:



In Delhi University there are a lot of societies that give you exposure to make your career in your passion, in your hobby. Like there is dance societies, Singing, music, rock, Political, Arts and painting and many more that help you a lot to fulfil your dreams. For example, the well-known celebrity Shah Rukh Khan also graduated from Delhi University, this university gave a high exposure to become a star not only Shah Rukh Khan but also very famous leader Arun Jetli too got exposure from this University as he was a member of political society. So, Exposure can be a very important reason to be graduated from Delhi University.


3. Diversity:

In DU not only the Indians take education, but also foreigners take. This university is the house of people who came from different states, countries, etc. As a student you come to know about different culture this helps you to develop your personality because in this era of high rated culture personality development is really a very important phase of our life. Also there are lots of fests conduct by the university itself, but sponsors bring by the students’ side this makes them a warrior of the marketing field. These all things make you a wise, strong, bright human to be live as a real human.


4. Enjoyable and attractive environment:



If we talk about the environment and surroundings of DU so, we must say that you will definitely enjoy the whole duration of your course and also there is a competitive environment in every sector either this is any activity competition or study level and this engages students to do something better than others. Also, you can see your most favorite celebrity or leader near to you. Yeah, sure this can happen in fests organizations. Every year more than 15 celebrity come to DU as a guest and this is really an awesome experience that can’t be expressed in words.


5. Student Leadership and their safety:



Whether you are a student or college professor, if the administration is doing something bad with you, so at this time student/faculty leadership is very helpful to you. If we talk about safety, so there is undoubted, total security for each student either you are a girl or a boy. Even at late night also there is no fear, for your safety.


Now, we are thinking that you have some most effective reasons to take admission to DU(that brought you here). So, why are you waiting for, let’s know about the three best YouTube channels for DU students that can be proved higher aided to you?

 Best YouTube Channels for DU students

  1. Tal Entertainer
  2. Tal Education-Your Career Partner
  3. DU Beats


1. Tal Entertainer:


Basically, this channel(151K+ subscribers) belongs to a boy namely Nishant Parmar who himself graduated from Delhi University (Hansraj Campus). On this channel he had uploaded so many videos and Vlogs by watching them you can take an idea of Delhi University. He helped around 70K+ students through his tips to get admitted in DU university. So all the processes, documentation, and much more are shared by him. He shared a lot of important information, he use to share the fests, occasions, fresher arrival, etc.



As well as he shared the cut-off criteria of various colleges including DU and also he is providing the information related to your career path on his other channel which is our next name in the list. On this channel, he had already shared more than enough information. Why and how as well as amazing facts about Delhi University are the main theme of this channel.


2. Tal Education-Your Career Partner:


Yes, this is another channel of Nishant Parmar. This channel crossed 54.k+ subscribers. On this channel, you only find the information related to Delhi University as well as your career path. This channel focuses on, How to make students able to take admission in Delhi and the best DU College for different streams like BSC, BA, BCom, etc.  On this channel, you find only really valuable information that can change even your career. You can find the top 10 College lists, entrance dates, steps to go in DU, Cut-off, and this kinda stuff. He also shared some crash courses or tutorials regarding the IP-MAT, DU-JAT, etc.

We highly recommend you to follow both channels if you really want to be a part of Delhi University or already you are.



3. Untold Mak:



Untold Mak is also a good YouTube Channel to follow. This channel has around 14.5K+ subscribers. On this channel, you find a playlist DU Admission 2021. In this playlist, he covered all the important and current notices, news related to Delhi University. Also, on this channel, there are some other playlists that can be proved really helpful for DU Aspirants.



Here are some of the best youtube channels that you can follow if you are thinking to take admission in Delhi University. We listed these channels on the basis of comments, likes, subscribers and value provided by them.

So Yeah, this is enough for today, I hope you will find it better for your career so please don’t far away from helping others by sharing this article with your friends and relatives, etc.


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