Windows 365 enables users to run Windows on smartphones, tablets, PCs

Windows 365 enables users to run winodws on smartphones, tablets, PCs





Due to the covid pandemic, the world is shifting toward the digital world very fast compared to normal time, and this creates a lot of opportunities, exactly here Microsoft launched their Windows 365 to help small enterprises and customers.

What is Microsoft Windows 365?

Microsoft Windows 365 is simply an online servicer where customers and enterprises can easily access the windows 10 desktop through the cloud(however the window 11 will come after availability). 
In a simple way, Microsoft 365 is nothing but a cloud experience of Microsoft windows with various versions. They also announced that it will be available for all business users from 2nd Aug 2021.
That means now Linux, mac, users can access windows functionality in their systems without installing Microsoft windows. It can be seen as a very revolutionary step toward remote desktop services. 

Azure Virtual Desktop Vs Microsft Windows 365

The obvious question, that people want to know, Microsft has already Azure Virtual Desktop or AVD to let business users access windows desktop through the cloud, so why they launched another virtual desktop service?
So let’s break a bit and understand here, Azure Virtual Desktop is totally an enterprises service that has enough complexities while Microsoft 365 is much easier to use. In Azure Virtual Desktop, users need to pay on a consumption basis, whereas users need to pay per month or per cloud pc in Windows 365.



In just a span of minutes, small and medium businesses can buy windows 365 services through cloud-service-provider. Microsoft states that Microsoft 365 is definitely not an alternative or replacement for Aure Virtual Desktop service. However they added, they will innovate and add new features in AVD.


Microsoft 365 is highly secured, featuring the power of the cloud. It can be accessed from an intern to business-savvy people that enable new ways to work.


“Information is secured and stored in the cloud, not on the device. Always up to date and building on the strength of rich Microsoft security capabilities and baselines, Windows 365 simplifies security and recommends the best security settings for the environment at hand,” Microsoft stated.

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