YouTube Stocks: How to buy YouTube Stock Online



Youtube Stocks: How to buy Youtube Stock Online





Have you ever think to buy youtube stock? Do you want to know how to invest in Youtube stocks in 2021? If these questions brainstorming in your mind, you are at the right place. As we know the pandemic hit hard all over the world, people were at home so they are spending more time on video platforms like Youtube, Netflix, and much more. This totally shows the value of Youtube itself goes high already.



What is Youtube?

YouTube was established in 2005 by a threesome of ex PayPal representatives: Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim. People, in general, had the option to test YouTube in May 2005. Sequoia Capital put $3.5 million in November 2005 and the YouTube site was authoritatively dispatched in December 2005, almost one year after Vimeo was dispatched.
Vimeo was the primary online video-sharing stage to offer top-quality substance to clients, yet its development was much slower than YouTube. YouTube was getting 8 million perspectives each day when it was dispatched. In July 2006, in excess of 65,000 new recordings were being transferred each day and the site was getting 100 million video sees each day. The number of perspectives expanded in excess of multiple times in around 7 months.
In October 2006, it was declared that Google gained YouTube for $1.65 billion in Google stock. In November 2006, Google and YouTube concluded the arrangement. Google rebuilt in 2015 to make a holding organization, Alphabet Inc., which presently holds YouTube as one of its auxiliaries.
Some of the facts that itself say much about the usage of Youtube like more than 2billion+ users logged-in Youtube monthly, 74% of US adults are using Youtube, US, India, and Japan are the countries that use Youtube most, etc. Youtube is also treated like a video search engine where 3 billion daily searches query more than Bing, yahoo, ask combined.

These facts push you to think to buy stock or invest in Youtube.

Youtube Stocks And Ticker


So can you actually buy Youtube stocks? The answer is simply No. There is no listing of Youtube as a publicly-traded company which means there is no Stock ticker of Youtube to buy. But alternatively, you can buy Youtube stock through Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc that owns youtube. Alphabet has two publicly listed tow tickers: GOOG and GOOGL.


As of today’s values when I am writing this article, the stock price of both GOOG and GOOGL is 2520.66 USD and 2429.95 USD.


I hope it’s clear now, that You can’t directly buy stock of Youtube or invest in Youtube but You can go for the parent company Alphabet Inc that has publicly listed two Stock tickers named GOOG and GOOGL.




At last, there is only a possible way to invest in Youtube through its parent company Alphabet Inc. People have doubts regarding investing in Alphabet will be the right decision or not. If you Alphabet owns Google, Youtube, and much more. We can say It is one of the biggest players in the digital advertising field. They also work in innovative technology like AI, ML, etc.


So the long-term investing in Youtube through Alphabet is definitely a win-win solution for you. So without wasting any time just go and invest some and buy shares of Alphabet.


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