Top 4 Best Apps to Watch Rocket Launch Live

Best Apps to Watch Rocket Launch Live


Do you want to watch the rocket launch live? How to know when will next rocket launch into space? How to watch a space launch event? If you have these queries in your mind then you have just encountered one of the best tech blogs. In this article, we will let you know the top 4 best apps to watch the rocket launch live event. These apps will always keep you updated with every space-related event from NASA, ISRO, or SpaceX. Every spaceflight event can track by these apps.

Rocket Launch lives apps will let you aware of every space-related event from SpaceX, NASA, Roscosmos, ULA, Blue Origin, ISRO, Rocket Lab, and more. So without much delaying let’s explore the below apps to watch the rocket launch live.

How Do I Watch Rocket Launch Live?

Most people have no idea about when and how many rocket launch events happens every year. Either from the websites or news, we get the info related to space launch events. This is where exactly, the given below apps will help you keep updates with space lunch events.

1. Best App to Watch Rocket Launch Live- Space Launch Now:-

Best Apps to Watch Rocket Launch Live


More than 1 Lakh plus download on the google play store indicate clearly this is one of the best apps to watch rocket launch live. NASA, ISRO, Spacex, and many more launches, you can watch from here. This app will provide you updates and notifications for the rocket launches from ISRO, SpaceX, NASA, etc. You will get to know the history of space flight back to the first manned space flight, space launch vehicles details used by different space organizations, astronaut details, launch schedule tracker, and Internation Space Station(ISS) info, etc.

2. Best App to Watch Rocket Launch Live- Next Spaceflight:-

Watch Rocket Launch Live


Next Spaceflight comes on the second number the space rocket launch best app. This app will stay up to date in space events. It covers every rocket launch from LA, Blue Origin, ISRO, Rocket Lab, NASA, SpaceX, and many more. It has fully customized one section for tracking starship activity in Boca Chica. This app contains a catalog with previous orbital rocket launch news. It has detailed satellite maps for different launch pads, info on all rocket launch schedules with every orbital mission, and much more. Most specifically, Next Spaceflight is fully ad-free which means you can watch every rocket launch without ads.

3. Best App to Watch Rocket Launch Live- Go4Liftoff:-

Watch Rocket Launch Live


Go4Liftoff is a one-stop solution to track every possible space rocket launch event across the globe. This app will track every single orbital launch and significantly more including movement from SpaceX, Rocket Lab,  ISRO, NASA, ULA, ROSCOSMOS, Blue Origin, Arianespace, and some more!
Go4Liftoff is still in development mode and is continually looking for the most ideal approach to stay up with the latest with the universe of spaceflight by giving you a wealth of data while providing channels so you can shroud the data that you’re not keen on. It enables you to filter for different views. This app features space station info, rocket launch trakcing, especially SpaceX launches, and much more. It has both light and dark themes for a better User interface.

4. Best App to Watch Rocket Launch Live- Rocket Watchr:-

Watch Rocket Launch Live


One of the best apps to keep track of upcoming rocket launches from across the globe. Every time there is a notification & schedule for NASA, ISRO, SpaceX launches. One can watch the rocket launch event live with one click if available. Although you can customize the notification like an alarm clock. This app will help you to get the news of every space launch.

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