Top 4 Best Apps for Android TV

Top 4 Best Apps for Android TV


If you are looking for the top apps for android tv? As We can see Android devices in everyone’s Hands and Android TV in Everyone’s Home. Now Android is a major part of our life we can do everything on a smartphone they all things are run on Android, like Android TV is also playing a major role while we all are watching TV. Here, We have curated a list of the best 4 free apps for Android TV that can useful or enjoyable and you should have on your TV.

Top Apps for Android TV


 1. Best App for Android TV: Netflix:-

You all already heard the name of Netflix, it is a very popular app for watching movies and web series. In this pandemic when theatre and all things are off Netflix gives us very popular movies for us. As per the rules, to watch Netflix we can purchase a subscription in the cheapest offers. Now, Netflix has gone globally famous. It comes in one of the best 4 apps to install in android tv.

2. Best App for Android TV: Spotify:-

Spotify is founded in 2006 in Sweden. It is a music player app and we can listen to thousand of the music and albums of our fav. singers. We can also hear podcasts on Spotify. One thing we all want to know about Spotify is we don’t need to download the app we can hear the songs and podcasts in our fav browsers like Chrome, Opera, etc. So Hurry Up! enjoy the music and podcast in your big screen.

3. Best App for Android TV: Youtube:-

Another popular app for Android Tv is YouTube. It is launched in the year of 2017 on android tv, it has already got up to more than 3 million subscribers. It has an agreement with most of the big networks. We can watch channels on youtube such as Songs News, Discovery, CNN, BBC, and more.

4. Best App for Android TV: Kodi:-

 Kodi It is free, open-source software for managing music, photos, television shows, and a local collection of movies. It is a complete legal app and we can manage all local things by this app on our android tv.

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