Top 5 Best Apps to Learn Swift Programming Language

Best Apps to Learn Swift Programming Language


Are you interested to make apps for Apple devices like iPhones? Or Do you like to become an iOS developer?

If yes, this is the right post just for you because we are going to list the top 5 best apps to learn swift programming language. In order to get become an iOS developer, the first thing you need to learn a swift programming language. Whether you are preparing for the swift interview or just want to revise the concept, these best apps will help you learn Swift in a very optimized and easy way. And we can say the below-listed apps are the best app to become iOS developers. We find and lest best Swift Learning apps.

What is Swift Programming Language?

Swift is a general-purpose, compiled programming language, multi-paradigm. It is developed by Apple Inc. It is first released in 2014 as an open-source community.

Swift programming language is one f the most powerful and intuitive languages for the Apple devices like macOS, tvOS, iOS, watchOS, and others. Writing code in swift is very easy and the syntax is pretty concise to write. It has everything that a developer wants in any programming language like speed and modern features. We curated the best apps to learn the Swift programming language.

Best App to learn Swift Programming Language

1. Learn Swift programming – iOS app development:-

Learn Swift is one of the best apps to learn the Swift programming language. This app enables you to become an expert in swift programmer ultimately a better iOS developer. It has a very unique and intuitive user interface. It is one of the best swift learning apps. Here are some reasons that why you should opt for this app.

💻Best collection of Swift Tutorials
💻100+ Swift Programs with proper comments for better understanding
💻Learn Swift Basics for beginners
💻Questions & Answers in different categories
💻Important Exam Questions
💻Share the Tutorials & Programs with other friends
💻Tutorials for beginner programmers or those who’re looking to learn advanced programming

So without further delay go to the play store download this best app to learn Swift. This app is developed by the Programming hub.


2. Learn Programming with Swift:-

This app is developed by Sololearn. I personally recommend this app as a beginner-friendly app to learn swift or I considered it as the best app to learn swift programming language. Not just for swift, but also for python, java, javascript, and react js, I found this the best app to learn to code. In this app, sololearn covers the basic concepts of Swift programming language like Control flow, Collection, functions, closures, OOPs, and much more. Here you will get quizzes just after one step of learning and in the last, you need to make a simple project based on whatever you learned. After you the completed the full course they will give you a certificate of completion. And one more thing you can learn here with your peers so solo learn community. So Just go and dive in to learn and start your journey to become an iOS developer.

3. Learn Swift Programming – iOS:

This app is offered by Generous Developer. Having more than 10,000 downloads, this app is considered as the third best app to learn Swift programming language. Sometimes, learning by example is the best way to learn the Swift programming language. And, this app follows the same method. First, they provide some examples of the different topics written in swift code and later explain which help others to learn in a very easy manner. This app contains graphics or charts to make students understand about swift programming language. It covers from the swift basic to classes, enumerators.

4. Learn Swift Programming:-

With a 4.3 plus rating, this app is the fourth-best app to learn Swift programming language. It will give you a gentle introduction to swift. It covers the given below topics:-

1) Swift tutorial
2) Control Statements
3) Functions
4) Arrays
5) Object Constructors
7) Variables
8) classes


Although, this app is developed by newHMaps.

5. Cheat Sheet for Swift Programming Language:-

This app is not for beginners and it is basically for those people who know at least swift basic. It is one of the best apps to learn Swift. This app has some cheat codes for every topic because at the time of the interview you must have a trick to solve a particular problem in very little time. Or I can say, best app to revise swift programming language. Every module allows you to learn and revise swift in no time.

This cheat sheet includes:

Classes, Objects, Properties
Control Flow: Conditionals, Loops, Switch
Collections: Arrays, Dictionaries, Sets
Guard and Defer
Error Handling

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