Unconventional Tips to Keep Your iPhone Secured In 2021


Unconventional Tips to Keep Your iPhone Secured In 2021





So, you’ve got an iPhone too.

We don’t know how long you have had the device but you should have heard, at least once, that the phone is the most secure thing after the USA Oval Office.

Well, that might be true relative to other mobile OSes, but the phone is no Fort Knox.

If you also installed the recent iOS 14.4, that is enough proof that the device you have in your hand is not a locked-down security outpost like you had believed.




What can you do for better security?

Apple has very good intentions when it comes to user data privacy and security. That is why their devices are on the lips of everyone talking about better device security.

However, the company won’t do it all for you. That is why you have to do the following.




Scan Your Device



Make sure your device is free of any threats before you do any other thing. Some of the steps to take to achieve this properly include:


● Checking all of your apps to ensure there is no malware in there. If you find a strange app, delete it.

● Checking all app permissions to know which has access to more than what it needs.

● Run an antimalware scan to determine malicious files which might already be on your unit.


Don’t Bypass Regulations

Perhaps the most common cause in this category is with iPhone users jailbreaking their units.A lot of R&D goes into the development of that unit on your hands. If it could stay secure while giving you all you were seeking with the jailbreak, Apple would have opened such features to you.

Jailbreaking is just a fancy term for opening up the doors to hackers and threat actors.

Likewise, never download apps from sources other than the App Store. At least, in the app store, you are sure that Apple engineers are checking constantly to ensure malicious apps don’t go through




Encrypt your Traffic

Before we go on, know this: never connect to free/ public Wi-Fi networks for any reason.You can get away with this when you have a VPN for iPhone running in the background but avoid the situation as much as you can.

Furthermore, use a VPN to encrypt your internet traffic. When you learn that an entire casino got hacked just because the smart thermostat was not secured, you know how important your network is to your overall data privacy and security.

The Time is Now


Take all of the above tips and start implementing them today, The best thing about them is how straightforward they are so you don’t even have to be tech-savvy to get them working. Start today, and your overall beefier security will thank you for it

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