Top 5 Best Apps to Learn Node.js

Welcome back with the best apps for learning Node.js. If you are going to learn web development and especially the backend part, this article is just made for you. You will get a lot of good information about the Node.js app to learn. Here we list the best apps to learn Node.js

Basically, when you learn web development, the first thing to learn is HyperText Markup Language(HTML) i.e. structure of a webpage, Cascading Style Sheet for designing, and the last one is a Client-side programming language i.e. javascript. The 3 basic technologies are used to develop the websites but for the dynamic type of website, you need to know more like database, backend. For the backend mostly used query language is SQL, we already published the best apps to learn SQL. For the backend, I would prefer Node.js because of the future opportunities and we will help you to know the apps to learn Node.js.




What is Node.js?

Node.js is nothing but a backend Javascript-based runtime environment where you can write Javascript code and execute it. It is an open-source, cross-platform that runs on the chrome v8 engine lets you run JS code outside the browser. Remember, Node.js is not a Programming Language but it can be used in place of backend language like PHP to talk with the server.
If you learn Javascript then, you can easily learn client and server-side coding in no time. This is why we wrote an article top 5 best apps to learn Javascript. Node.js is based on Javascript so without much let’s explore the best app to learn Node.js in android or iOS.

 Best Apps to Learn Node.js

1. Dory – node.js / javascript / git / ssh server:-

Top 5 Best Apps to Learn Node.js


Over 50,000 plus downloads on the google play store. It is one of the best apps to learn Node.js. It covers Node.js basics plus intermediate topics and advanced topics too. This app lets you run the Node.js script smoothly. Scripts can run from the Node.js docs. The app has the feature of highlighting the syntax of code.

2. Learn Node.js Programming Free – Node Js Tutorials:-

Top 5 Best Apps to Learn Node.js


This is the app that definitely makes you a better Node.js developer or fast web developer in no time. I personally like the UI of the app which makes me to learn Node.js from here. The ingredients of this app are HTML, CSS, Js, Nodejs, expressjs(framework of Node.js), npm, webpack, Gulp, Bootstrap, and basic projects to make. Topics like from introduction to Nodejs to events and express js everything cover s in this app what a beginner needs to learn. This is why it is one of the best apps to learn Node.js. And Most importantly, it provides all for offline you can learn at any time without the use of the internet.

3. Astro – node.js/reactjs/vuejs/terminal/code editor

Top 5 Best Apps to Learn Node.js


If you have basic experience with Node.js, reactjs, vuejs and looking for the best app to run your code, this is the app you should keep in your bucket. I highly recommend this app because of the compatibility of this app with different Javascript frameworks and libraries. It is a free terminal for JS framework developers. To ace your web dev skill by using this app. Around 5000+ downloads, this is the best Node.js learning app.

Download the best app to learn Node.js


4. Learn Node JS Tutorial | Learn Express JS Tutorial

Top 5 Best Apps to Learn Node.js


As per documentation wise best app of Node.js, This app is definitely I would recommend for the same. Not only Node.js but also provide notes for Express js. It provides node.js tutorials+ node.js MongoDB + node.js MySQL + node.js interview question + express.js tutorials.

You will get node.js interview questions that will help you to crack the Node.js interview. These amazing features make the best app for learning Node.js.

This app also consists of Express.js framework of node.js, Mongoose (Node.js + MongoDB framework), in node.js. Also have one mini-project to ace your skills in Node.js

5. MERN Stack: A full-stack JavaScript solution:-

Top 5 Best Apps to Learn Node.js


The app name itself clears what you will get to learn in this app. This app’s objective to make you a MERN Stack developer. MERN stands for Mongo DB(Database), Express JS(Framework of Node.js), React.js(library of Node.js), and Node.js. It is one of the best beginner-friendly apps for learning Node.js or we can best app to learn MERN technologies. Here every topic that you learn has the sharable code with the friends.


In this article, we have listed the top 5 best apps to learn Node.js. Node.js is so demanding technology right now and also for the future in web. So uses the apps to improve your Nodejs skills. If you have known other apps to learn Node.js why not share the name in the comment box.

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