California Promise Program: Everything You Need to Know About Eligibility, Requirements

Hey, Guys back to an amazing article related to your career. If you are looking to study in California, this article is just made for you. Have you ever heard of California Promise Program? If not, This is the article all about you need to know about California Promise Program. Through this program, One can save at least $30,000 including books, tuition fees, and much more. Basically, it is a study program for California-based students to study without taking much tension about money.

What is California Promise Program?

California Promise Program: Everything You Need to Know About Eligibility, Requirements


California Promise Program is a program which let various college under the California State University to establish pledge program for the fresher students who are intended to pursue bachelor’s degree in four years. This program regulated under the California Senate Bill 412 to graduate students of a four-year degree, two years for transfer students.
There are many California State Universities campus offer  California Promise programs for the students who are doing Associate Degree for Transfer from CC College and wants to do bachelors in future.

What are the Eligibility Criteria for California Campus Program?

There are a number of criteria one needs to fulfill for entering the pledge program given below:
  • The student must be a resident of California.
  • A student who resolves to enter either the four-year or two-year promise will be given a needed enlistment arrangement for each state-upheld enlistment period and will be given everyday practice and intensive scholastic advisement.
  • Students must devote themselves to complete a minimum of 45 quarter units academic per year, stated by the California promise advisor. Although, the summer quarter can also count in initial first or the second year. Meanwhile, students who transfer to Cal poy with more than 90 applicable to take little less than 45 units per year because they are going to finish their studies in two years only.

Requirements for Remain in the Pledge Program

In order to maintain California promises program one needs to have a full bucket with the requirements:-
  • Students need to careful(remain in) regard their major what they chose at their admission time.
  • Students need to maintain a minimum of 2.0-grade point average to continue California promise program.
  • Students must dedicate a minimum of 45-degree quarter units.
  • Students need to meet their academic advisors in each quarter.

How to Apply for California Promise Program?

Basically, there is a 2-step process to apply for this pledge program and you are good to go.
  1.  Firstly, the students need to fill the pledge form to opt into the program through the various college sites in California. The pledge form will be available about a week before classes begin for each semester.
  2.  Now choose your degree plan either as a four-year plan(freshmen) or a two-year plan(Transfer).

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