Kalaam: India’s First Programming Langauge in Hindi

Kalaam: India's First Programming Langauge in Hindi

This is a very great moment for Indians that Kalaam(कलाम) India’s First Programming Langauge in Hindi launched some months back. There are so many programming languages available in the world, but now we have our own programming language in Hindi. The name of Hindi programming language is based on the former president Heavenly Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam of India 

People often started their programming journey from C, C++, Java, or other English based languages, no matter it easily grasps. But now because of  Swanand Kadam “The Creator of Kalaam,” one can get easily understand the logic and stuff. 

Kalaam: India’s First Programming Langauge in Hindi

Kalaam is the first Indian programming language in Hindi and has all the basic functionalities like a 

modern programming language. From for loops to while loops and from functions to conditional statements. Swanand Kadam is the creator of Kalaam(कलाम).  Documentation of this programming language seems very easy for beginners to understand how a program actually works. 
Many times, the programmer(from a village or just a beginner) faced the language barrier who does not good at the language in which programming language is written.  Language and newness ought not to become boundaries to these understudies to figure out how to code. This barrier breaks by Kalaam(कलाम) because now you can write your code in Hindi(the native language of India). People can apply their ideas to reality without having the syntax problem or understanding problem. 
The most important thing that anyone can code in Kalaam(कलाम) India’s programming language in 
Hindi on Mobile or PC. You can practice the example over the website Kalaam. While coding on the website there will be two-mode ie. practice mode and learning mode. 
Advance example using Kalaam present on the website so one can get an idea of how India’s Hindi programming language works. There are examples of some basic programs like to make a Fibonacci series, prime numbers. 

Let’s See Some Examples

Name=”Hello World” 

दिखाए(“Tic Tac Toe”)

दिखाए(“Hello World,” + “My Name is” + Name + “!”) 


Computer ने, “Name” को, “Hello World” ये VALUE दे कर अपने Memory में दर्ज(Store) करवाया है | Computer ने आपकी दी गयी वैल्यू, “Name” को दिखाया है |
Computer ने आपकी दी गयी वैल्यू, “”Tic Tac Toe”” को दिखाया है | Computer ने आपकी दी गयी वैल्यू, “007” को दिखाया है |

Computer ने, “Name” को, “Kalam” ये VALUE दे कर अपने Memory में दर्ज(Store) करवाया है | Computer ने आपकी दी गयी वैल्यू, “”Hello World,” +My Name is” + Name +!”” को दिखाया है |

As we have seen, if a beginner reads this, then he/she has a better idea(easily understand) of how this code works like first store the value in variable and print. Below we are comparing some predefined function from other languages like python 

दिखाए()- print() in python. 

इनपुट() – input() in python

अगर () – if() in python

दुहराओ x को y मे – for loop in python

संख्या() – len() in python

पुश(your value) –  append() in python

रचना रचना-का-नाम (पर्याय1 ,पर्याय2 ) – define func_name(arg1, arg2) in python

Almost all the basic functionalities present in this Kalaam programming language. 
Check Out the Journey of Kalaam(Hindi Programming Language)
Share this work as much as possible. Promote our India’s first programming language in Hindi i.e. Kalaam.  There may be some issues but keep remind it just starting. Now we can proudly say Kalaam (कलाम) is a Hindi Programming Language.
Thanks to  Swanand Kadam for making India proud. 

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