Great News are coming from our Gaming Company N-Core Games, they will upload emotes in FAUG Game like our Indian Dances. In this article, we are going to cover the FAU-G Games Emotes like PUB-G. 

Before going to know about FAU-G emotes let’s get to know what actually emotes are. Emotes are nothing but the pictorial representation of emotions. Sometimes it can be an action performed by users, or sometimes it can be a facial expression using characters. 

 Yes, Earlier we can saw Emotes in PUBG Game, likes them we will saw Dancing emotes in FAUG Game also. The popularity of FAUG Game is increasing day by day so, the N-core gaming company decided this game is so attractive and enjoyable. As we all know that FAUG game is a multiplayer game and 5 Players play this game in a team. And this game is dedicated to our Bravehearts Indian Soldiers. However, it is not confirmed that the emote will add to FAU-G in which season. 

So, We can see the emotes in this game like our Indian Dances or the culture of different states. All type of dances  of our Indian Culture is available in this game and we can see in emotes. 

The popular state dances are available in the game like the famous dance of Punjab is “Bhangra” so the player is doing Bhangda in the game. This will really increase to understand of the people what the value of our dances and the soldier’s life. We all excited to this game and hope we will really enjoy it. 

Here some famous dances of the states are given below and emote in FAU-G:- 

Andhra Pradesh ➤ Kuchipudi 

Assam ➤ Bihu 

Gujarat ➤ Garba 

Haryana ➤ Jhumar

 Kerala ➤ Kathakali (Classical) 

Rajasthan ➤ Ghumar 

Tamil Nadu ➤ Bharatanatyam

Note:- The emotes may or may not be present in the FAUG Game. 

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