What is Web Analytics?

Hello! After so long time I am going to write posts related to Digital Marketing i.e. Web Analytics. At this stage, you already comfortable with SEO, keywords, Display marketing, content marketing so its time to analyze your work or your website.

Web Analytics is nothing but analyzing your websites online. It is all about collecting data from websites that give you insights of your business. You can analyze your websites through many tools online like Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools
To understand the web analytics more you just need to understand some basic terms:-


  • Metric can be anything that you can count like visitors on the website or time spent on the website. 
  • Dimensions are used by metrics to analyze them like which devices use by visitors or web browsers. 
  • Conversion rate are the desired action performed by the visitors like signing up the newsletter, share articles on social media… 

How to start with Web Analytics Tools?

You just need to register your site on any particular tool then there you need to simply copy and paste codes into your website. After that, You have to submit a sitemap of your website and then submit your site URL to index and crawled by the search engines like Google, Bing…

What Can you Do With Web Analytics?

Web analytics gives you all the information for grow your business ver well. Here are some points that you can get from web analytics:


  • Keywords Insights play a very important role to grow your business. By using analytics you can easily get to know about which keywords are searching more on the search engines or which words deliver the visitors to your site.
  • Social Insight is nothing but the report of visitors come to the site from which social platform and which makes you to understand where you need to focus to expand your visitors.
  • Customer Insights are insights like what your customers are looking for, it gives you a better idea of who they are, how they behave, how they segment their keywords and compare it to how you are segmenting. With this data, you’ll find the most interesting ways your customers behave.
  • Page Quality gives you insight about your page how it behaves with the customers. This includes data on how each page on your site is performing by whether or not it is sending potential leads down the funnel to conversion.
  • Trends are highly recommendable nowadays. Web analytics give you report searching terms in trends or real-time searches which are very important data to work on. Sometimes, it helps a lot to drive traffic storm to your website.

There are more things you can do web analytics to improve your ranking on search engines. Analytics is one of the very important parts to measure business by different parameters.

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