Search Engine Strategy

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In this blog we are going to talk about how Search Engine works, Organic search, paid search, Google Search Console. Let’s understand what exactly the search engine is and how it impacts on your business…
“A web search engine or Internet search engine is a software system that is designed to carry out a web search, which means to search the World Wide Web in a systematic way for particular information specified in a textual web search query.”
And suppose you have a bakery and someone searches for a  Bakey Plaza that’s you!—this is the perfect opportunity to appear on the search results page.
As above example, if you have a shop of clothes, or restaurant ready to deliver foods to home, you want to show up when people search for related words and phrases. So this is how search results make a very positive impact on your business.

Search Engine Working

                                       It has 3 steps on which the whole search engine works for a query. first one is Crawling, when someone searches for a term or phrases then they examine the content related to a search query, second is Indexing, it is nothing but categorizes the pages on the basis of content and the last one is Ranking in which they ordered the result on the basis of which content is most useful to searchers. 

                     It is very good to promote your business or product by paying and to perform bid in the auction. It is known by different things like Seach Engine Marketing. Paid search marketing affords businesses the opportunity to advertise within the sponsored listings of a search engine.

Organic Search: 

                           Organic Search Results are unpaid results. They are most likely to display in the middle of the page. Organic search results are the most appropriate and close to the user’s search query or we can say the natural results on the webpage. Do some improvements to your site to make visible in the organic results is known as search engine optimization. Good SEO involves helping a search engine find and understand your site.

Google Search Console: 

                                       Its nothing but the service provided by Google to give you feedback about how your website doing in the google search results. it gives you information related to index, crawling and search analytics also.
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