Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

In this blog, we are going to move ahead in digital marketing and learn about the SEM… 
 SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. Whenever the links appear on the main part of the page is called “Organic” results and it costa nothing to appear here. The top part of the page will contain paid advertisement results and they are managed by Search Engine Marketing.
SEM lets you use the above part of the main page to advertise to potential customers when they search for phrase and words, they are known as keywords.

The best thing about SEM you have charged only if anyone clicks on the link of your website and if no one clicks then you will be no charged. And this is known as Pay-Per-Click. 

SEM Auction

There are only a few links appear at top of the main page so there is definitely a competition among the adverts to show theirs advertise. To win the race, there is an auction which happens from time to time for the adverts. In that auction, bids are taken place for the appearance of advertisements on the top of the page. For having a place on the top of the page means having a competitive bid, as well as strong relevance

Start from the bids, Let’s say A willing to pay up to 50 Rs. when people click on their advertisement or we can say link and this is known as MAX CPC(Cost Per Click).  Suppose B competitor pay up to 30 Rs. that means the A person ahead in the race than B. 

Now about strong relevance, it is rated between 1 to 10. A bids Rs. 50, but his advert is deemed not very relevant and has rated a 3 out of 10. B bids Rs. 30, and his relevance rating is 9. Let’s look out what happened in auction for both A and B. Here the term Quality Score play a very important role.
Quality Score is nothing but How much strong your relevance is.

AD Rank of  A is 150 and B is 360 which means the link of B appears on the top. So, If you have more bid and strong relevance then you have more chance to appear on the top of the main page. 

To improve your performance, stay focused on improving the relevance of all your adverts.

           AD Rank =  CPC Bid * Quality Score 

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