Android 10: Google Reveal the official name of Android Q

Google Alter the Naming Strategy of Android Versions 

On 22nd August 2019, Google announced that Android 10 is the official name of Android Q. This time google breaks their tradition of naming the version of android with some desserts name like KitKat, pie, donut, oreo… 
“While there were many tempting ‘Q’ desserts out there,” Sameer Samat, vice president of product management for Android, said, “we think that at version 10 and 2.5 billion active devices, it was time to make this change.”
Google Stop using the name of Desserts
Now the upcoming versions of android will be in sequence without any desserts name like android 10, 11 and so on… Although Google has not yet announced the releasing date for android 10. But it will be very soon at the end of this year. Let’s talk about some of the main features of Android 10. 

1. Dark Mode: 

This feature let you make the change the theme of both UI and apps of your smartphone. It helps to save the battery’s life. 

2. QR Code For Wifi:

From this feature, you will not need to have a password to connect rather it has a QR code to scan and connect with wifi.  

3. Thermal API: 

This lets app know the state of the processor, chipsets and other parts of mobile. After that, if the phone has detected warm by the app, it will try to make some changes to slow down the temperature of the mobile by closing sand stopping the apps.   

4. Privacy: 

Before this feature, some apps launch without the permission of user but now apps need to have permission to launch. 

5. Audio Feature: 

Now you can easily record the sound by other apps which are playing. Before Android 10, you cannot play another app (here mean apps that produces sound)  while recording something.

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