Top 5 best apps to watch K-Drama

Best Apps to Watch K-Drama

Hey there! Are you searching for apps that stream Korean Drama? No doubt, you are in the very right place, because TechGecs have again back with an interesting as well as informative article on Korean Dramas or K-dramas in which we go through the best apps to watch K-drama.

In this article, we will tell you the Top 5 apps to watch your favs Korean Dramas either is “Vincenzo” or “Law School” or any other like “100 Days My Prince” and any other.

But if you don’t watch Korean dramas, I think you are losing something very interesting. The K-Dramas are not only for entertainment but also are good for understanding other’s cultures.

There is a Korean quote: “Laughter brings good luck.” If you have something to laugh at, sadness and problems go away itself. Korean TV shows make viewers laugh throughout the week, whether it is comedy programs or reality shows.

What is Korean drama?

Korean dramas also known as K-dramas, are TV shows streamed in the Korean language, made in South Korea. K-dramas are famous worldwide because of the popular Korean Wave (Korean culture). Their worldwide availability via streaming services offers subtitles in many languages. Many Korean dramas adopted by many countries and some dramas have made a great impact throughout the world. K-dramas have attracted attention for their style, fashion, and culture all over the world. We are listing the best Korean drama apps.

Some of the most popular K-dramas broadcasted in many countries via old Tv channels for example. “Dae Jang Geum”.

Now YouTube also supports in popularity of Korean dramas because we Indians have also been affected by their culture, fashion, living style and we used to turn on subtitles for watching interesting shows but there is not too much content that we want to watch.

But no need to worry, there are many mobile apps or websites that provide K-dramas worldwide with native language subtitles. You will get to know various Korean tv apps.

Best apps to watch K-Drama

So, without any further delay let’s know about the best Korean Drama Streaming Apps.

1. Viki

2. Netflix

3. OnDemandKorea

4. Korean TV

5. Hulu

1. Best Apps to Watch Korean Drama- Viki:

If you are a fan of Korean dramas, so the app Viki: Korean Drama, Movies & Asian TV is best suited for you. In this app, you will always have access to all your favorite shows. In this application, you find a catalog that contains all the major genres of Korean cinema. For example, you can enjoy your favorite K-drama drama or the release of a music show. The production company of updated its content every week.

Viki, Korean Drama, Movies & Asian TV is one of the largest online cinemas that broadcast Korean programs with your native language subtitles. On this platform, you can easily get access to the best shows and movies. You can also add a video to “watch later” just like “YouTube” So, you can return to watch in your free time. You need only a few seconds to find the desired program because their search algorithm is too fast that takes only a second to search your program. You can also add your favorite shows to a collection created by yourself. You can also download TV shows and films to your device to watch them later without access to the Internet. You can also adjust video quality as per your requirement. This is one of the best apps to watch K-Drama

Here are the ways to get it from Google Play Store or App Store


2. Best Apps to Watch Korean Drama-  Netflix:

Ah, Netflix, the word brings enthusiasm or joy and there’s no shortage of Korean dramas for Korean students to watch on Netflix. You have to simply search “Korean drama,” and you’ll have the majority of options. You can watch your favorite Korean shows on your desktop, laptop, TV, and even on your mobile phone.

The Android app grants you all the great features you are familiar with: You can search, you can instantly watch, you can change subtitles options and many more. The very great thing about the Android app has a sync feature that allows you to watch Netflix where you left. Netflix crossed 1B+ downloads and a 4.5-star rating.

There are uncountable Korean dramas available on Netflix. Some of them are so popular like:

“Navillera”, “Boys over flowers”, “The Penthouse”, “100 Days My Prince”, “The uncanny counter”, “A Love So Beautiful”, “Sweet Home”, etc;

Get it from Google Play Store and App Store.

3. Best Apps to Watch Korean Drama- OnDemandKorea:

OnDemandKorea is another famous streaming option to watch your favorite Korean Dramas. However, OnDemandKorea offers an Android app but, you can also use it on your computer or laptop.

Plenty of free content is featured by this app, and new programs are uploaded just after few hours.

Korean Fans will definitely praise the impressive range of Korean episodes and movies that they will find in this application. The service is totally legal, additionally, you will discover a huge catalog of popular content from years past as well. The overall rating is too good and it has crossed a 3.7-star rating.

Download this app from Google Play Store.

4. Best Apps to Watch Korean Drama- Korean TV:

The app offers a large selection of popular series, movies, and various Korean shows. Korean TV Show, Drama, K-POP Video Collection is a universal service for watching Korean shows.

Every video has perfect video quality and a fast download pace. Most of the content in the application is presented in HD. If you have low Internet speed, then you can choose a lower quality from settings. Here is a broad catalog of Korean shows and TV shows with voice acting and subtitles. The application offers watching shows on any mobile device without loss of quality. The user interface and navigation are clear and convenient. It can easily navigate and is almost impossible to get bothered by.

Here you will always find a new series of Korean shows before then on any other app. Application developers always update new releases quickly and on time.In this application, there is a bookmark option where you can collect your all favorite shows also you can turn on notifications so that whenever a new show would upload you will be notified. There is also a “memorize series” function, which will help you not to lose the moment at which you left off.

Get it on Google Play Store or App Store.

5. Best Apps to Watch Korean Drama- Hulu:-

Hulu is another well-known streaming option with must-watch great Korean dramas. You can watch Hulu’s content by using your mobile device. Hulu is designed to be natural, so if you begin watching Korean dramas, the app will suggest more Korean dramas for you to enjoy. Here can be a risk, is that this could create a never-stop binge loop from where you’ll be unable to come out. You will find everything you need, Whether you want to watch new shows, re-watch your favorite series or want to discover and explore the latest movies

You can enjoy your own personalized streaming library. Download the app now Google Play Store or App Store.

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