How to Get Blue Ticks for Gmail Accounts in 2023?

Google has introduced a new feature for Gmail users that will help them differentiate between legitimate and fake emails. The tech giant has added a ‘blue tick’ to the verified senders who have adopted Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) in Gmail. This feature will help users identify messages from legitimate senders and stop spam.

Why Google Started Blue Ticks?

How to Get Blue Ticks for Gmail Accounts in 2023?

Google has stated that the blue check mark will help users and email security systems identify and prevent spam. It will also help senders to build brand trust. “This increases confidence in email sources and gives readers an immersive experience, creating a better email ecosystem for everyone,” Google said.

The blue check mark feature is available to all Google Workspace customers, legacy G Suite Basic and Business customers, and personal Google Accounts. The feature has started rolling out to end-users from May 3.

What is BIMI?

BIMI, or Brand Indicators for Message Identification, is a security feature introduced by Gmail in 2021. This feature adds an extra layer of security to prevent phishing and spoofed emails. To use BIMI, senders need to use strong authentication and verify their brand logos to display them as an ‘avatar’ in emails.

BIMI helps email security systems to filter out phishing and spoofed emails from legitimate ones, making it easier for users to identify and trust legitimate senders. The feature was introduced following a successful pilot program in the previous year.

How to Get Blue Ticks for Gmail Accounts?

To get blue tick for Gmail accounts, users need to verify their logo on BIMI. Brand Indicators for Message Identification is an email specification that enables the use of brand-controlled logos within supporting email clients. By deploying DMARC protection, BIMI brings brand logos to the customer’s inbox. Users need to set up their account on BIMI using the domain information, upload their brand logo, and register it as a trademark. They can then apply for a Verified Mark Certificate (VMC) to get a blue check mark for their brand logo on Gmail.

In conclusion, this new feature will be beneficial for users to differentiate between legitimate and fake emails and prevent spam. Businesses and organizations can also use this feature to build brand trust among their customers. It’s important to note that verifying logos on BIMI is necessary to get the blue checkmark on Gmail.

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