Top 7 best software to backup Xbox 360 games

Hey, are you a gamer and looking for ways to backup Xbox 360 games? So, this article is just for you. Because as we want to have a backup of our all the confidential as well as important data in our cloud storage or in hard disk or wherever it be but as a gamer, it is also important to have a backup of your game. This is where we thought to make a list of the best software to backup Xbox 360 games.

In this article, we will tell you that how can you backup your Xbox 360 games. We gonna tell you, the various software to have a backup of your favorite Xbox 360 games.

First let me tell you why you should backup of your game.

  • Backing up Xbox 360 games backup is an awesome choice of saving them since your device console itself is old, or when the SSD or card is out of space.
  • Data Backup is one of the important phases regarding video games genres otherwise we couldn’t have fun showing off our gaming skills, tips, and tricks.


The Xbox 360 is a really famous gaming console all over the world even for today, and gamers throughout the world are still enjoying it.

There is an issue that comes along with gaming genres, games are usually in disc format and they can damage sooner than we’d imagine.

To be safe with this most happening disaster, the solution is to back up our games. It can be done by using your PC or laptop. All you need to do is dig out the Xbox hard drive and plug it into your Pc or laptop, and this is called the hardware approach.

You can also cable approach which involves connecting your Xbox and your PC with a compatible cable.

There’s also the third solution and one of the best solution ever, and now we refer to use third-party software that can expand your backup.

Best software to backup Xbox 360 games


1. Xbox 360 games backup software- Xbox 360 ISO Extract:


best software to backup Xbox 360 games



ISO extract is totally free software that can be seen under disc utilities, but this is only for Windows. This tool works great on PCs.


  • There are some tools to save and extract ISO image files for backup of Xbox gaming console.
  • You can quickly extract multiple Xbox 360 ISOs at a time.
  • This free software itself deletes system update files.
  • There is a progress line on your system screen when it updating the ISO file, and it deletes the ISO after the process is complete.

2. Xbox 360 games backup software- Xbox Burner:


XboxBurner is a kind of software that prompts you to take a backup of your Xbox 360 game. This is a simple and user handy to use that was manufactured for creating Xbox 360, and Xbox images, and even noobs will get the idea of it in very little time. You need not to install it separately as it is portable software. After extracting it you just have to execute it on your console.


  • You can copy and save the XboxBurner to a USB flash drive or similar storage devices, and you will be able to use the software on any computer.
  • You can also select the burning speed after selecting the burning device.

3. Xbox 360 games backup software- GameBackupSystem :



Best software to backup Xbox 360 games



Game Backup System is one of the best-recommended software for backup games. Gamer can use to make a perfect copy of any game from the Xbox 360, Moreover, you need not to tensed about complex UIs, as Game Backup System is one of the most user-friendly software.


  • Creates copies just like original, you will not face any issue either playing with copy or original.
  • Available for well-known OS like Windows, MAC, Linux.
  • Can back up games from DVDs as well.
  • Lightweight Software.

4. Xbox 360 games backup software- Game Cloner:



Best software to backup Xbox 360 games



Game Cloner is our third amazing software that grants you to back up your games from Xbox 360 as well as your PC.

We can say it is a copy cock lol! But this tool really works same, makes a copy of your game besides to copy in disc.

The burning speed and type of Burn I/O is just enhancing.


  • Supports the complete disk game copy.
  • It generates ISO files from the original game disk.
  • The tool also supports for scanning .dvd extension files from the hard disk while the Xbox 360 game is copying.
  • You can customize the burning speed.


5. Xbox 360 games backup software- Handy Backup:-


Best software to backup Xbox 360 games



This is one of the most used to backup Xbox 360 games data. It is one of the best automatic recovery software that can be utilized as memorizing back software. It is the answer to your backup of Xbox 360 games in a very easy way so one cannot experience any problems.

Advantages of Handy Backup Software:


  • Pure backup format as present in the system.
  • Beneficial when need various versions of the backup.
  • Not only files you can backup here but also popular databases like MySQL, Oracle, etc.
  • Very easy to uses because of its user interface.

Well, I am not going to describe how one can take backup from this software. It’s basic to connect Xbox 360 to PC, which can be backed up through Handy backup software.


6. Xbox 360 games backup software- Comet:



Best software to backup Xbox 360 games



Comet backup is another best Xbox 360 games backup software. It is highly affordable that lets you to take a backup from whatever the system. It is end-to-end recovery software that gives control over the env and destinations.



  • Fast & Secure backups for Windows, Mac, Linux, files, databases servers and email calendars, etc.
  • Data Deduplication is available.
  • It is white label software so there is no problem using it.
  • Most importantly, it is available in 9+ different languages.

7. Xbox 360 games backup software- Clonezilla:-


Best software to backup Xbox 360 games


Clonezilla is another amazing best software to backup Xbox 360 games plate cloning and sending an arrangement.

You’re most likely acquainted with the well-known exclusive business bundle Norton Ghost. The issue with these sorts of programming bundles is that it requires some investment to greatly clone frameworks to numerous PCs. You’ve most likely additionally known about Symantec’s answer for this issue, Symantec Ghost Corporate Edition® with multicasting. Indeed, presently there is an OpenSource clone framework (OCS) arrangement called Clonezilla with unicasting and multicasting!


  • Clonezilla, in view of DRBL, Part clone, and udpcast, permits you to do exposed metal reinforcement and recuperation. There are two kinds of Clonezilla accessible: Clonezilla live and Clonezilla SE (worker version).
  • Clonezilla live is reasonable for single machine reinforcement and reestablish.
  • Clonezilla SE is intended for monstrous sending, it can clone many (40 or more!) PCs all the while.
  • Clonezilla saves and reestablishes just utilized squares in the hard disk. This expands the clone effectiveness.

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