3 Marry Now Pay Later Apps in India

Wanted to know some of the marry now pay later apps in India. If yes, this is where you will get all information about  marry now pay later options. As we know, it is very simple for Indians to purchase expensive products like phones, apartments, and other expensive items thanks to the buy now, pay later option. Everyone is aware of the extravagant Indian wedding custom and the significant financial commitment it implies for expenses like hotel lodging, cuisine, decorations, and pricey products like jewelry, clothing, cars, two-wheelers, and electronics.

3 Marry Now Pay Later Apps in India

In India, people used to spend a lot of money from their savings and fixed deposits on weddings. But now, many couples want to keep their long-term savings safe and pay for their wedding expenses using their monthly salary. To help them, some companies are offering ‘Marriage loans,’ where people can borrow money to pay for their wedding and then repay the loan in monthly installments over a set period of time which is basically marry now pay later option.

Marry Now Pay Later Apps || Marry Now Pay Later Option in India

There are 3 apps that offer marry now, pay later option in Inda. We will see each one of them.

1. SanKash:-

SanKash is a finance platform that helps people pay for travel expenses with a “Travel-Now-Pay-Later” scheme. Now, they are expanding to help people pay for their weddings too, with a new scheme called “Marry Now Pay Later.” They partnered with Radisson Gurugram, Udyog Vihar to offer this scheme, which allows people to take out loans of up to INR 25 lakhs (depending on eligibility) to pay for their wedding expenses. They can then repay the loan in monthly installments over 12 months, with 6 months of no interest on the installments. SanKash hopes to capture 0.1% of the wedding market with this new scheme. This is one of the best marry now pay later apps in India currently.

2. Bajaj Finserv:-

Bajaj Finserv is a money company owned by the Bajaj group. It started in April 2007. They were one of the first to make it famous in India to have Marry Now Pay Later. They can help people pay for their wedding with a Flexi Hybrid Personal Loan. They can loan money from INR 1 lakh to INR 35 lakh to cover all the costs of a wedding. If they want to pay back some of the loans early, there won’t be any extra charge.

3. MPNL:-

MNPL(Marry Now Pay Later) is a website that helps people pay for their weddings. It checks if they are eligible to borrow money online. If they are eligible, they can borrow up to ₹ 5 Lakhs to pay for wedding expenses.


So above 3 marry now pay later apps can help you married while you can repay a loan after marriage. This is the initial time that how far and better this market goes on ahead. Till then, keep reading on tehcgecs, and share this article with friends who are going to marry.

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