How to Solve Depulso Puzzle Rooms 1 And 2 in Hogwarts Legacy

In this article, we will see how to solve Deulso Puzzle Rooms 1 and 2 in Hogwarts legacy. We have already written articles on sundial puzzles, and stone table puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy. There are two Hogwarts Legacy Depulso Puzzle Rooms concealed across the campus. This puzzle is not to be mistaken with the ones you must solve for the Hall of Herodiana side quest, but they function similarly.

How to Solve Depulso Puzzle Rooms 1 And 2?

How to Solve Depulso Puzzle Rooms 1 And 2 in Hogwarts Legacy

To solve this, firstly you need to find both room 1 and 2 locations. But once you do, you’ll need to use the Accio and Depulso spells from the Hogwarts Legacy to navigate your way through these rooms.

Get Access to Depulso Puzzle Rooms in Hogwarts Legacy

The Helm of Urtkot main quest and The Hall of Herodiana side quest must both have been finished before the player can enter the Depulso Puzzle Rooms. The player will then be able to open the two Depulso Puzzle Rooms by using the Depulso spell on the stone tablets barring their entrance after finishing this side quest. We will see how to Solve Depulso Puzzle Rooms 1 And 2.

1. Depulso Puzzle Rooms 1 Location:-

From the Potions classroom Floo Flame location, descend the stairs and enter the Depulso Puzzle Room 1 through the closed door at the end of the corridor. You’ll find a sizable button resembling the one you used to disclose the Hall of Herodiana quest destination early in the following chamber. Using Depulso, push it, then enter.


  • Solve Depulso Puzzle Rooms 1 in Hogwarts Legacy:-


Players must solve three different riddles in Depulso Puzzle Room 1 in order to move on. In order to move blocks with Accio and Depulso to make a route forward and reach the chests strewn about the level, the player must solve these riddles.

Players should cast magic at the golden orb above to reset the area if they feel they have made a mistake because it is quite simple to lose their bearings while moving these blocks.

Solve Room 1 First Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy-

To get to the first problem after entering Depulso Puzzle Room 1, the player must walk down the corridor in front of them. They should cast Accio on the floating block on the right and tug it west to retrieve the first chest in this room. The next step is for the player to leap to the floor below and approach the two blocks in the room’s center from the left side. Then, these blocks should be sent south using Depulso. The chest further up can then be reached by scaling these two blocks.

Solve Room 1 Second Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy-

To reverse the locations of the blocks they moved, the player must cast at the golden orb above. Returning to the lower level, they should utilize Accio to send the southern floating block north. Then it needs to be pulled west using Accio on the same block. The block should then be placed directly above the two blocks on the ground by casting Depulso to send it north and Accio to transfer it east.

Solve Room 1 Third Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy-

To get to the third chest, the player must reset the room once more. Depulso should be cast at the westernmost block, sending it north, to open a path to it. Finally, using Accio, connect the identical cube to the two adjacent cubes to link the trio together.

2. Depulso Puzzle Rooms 2 Location:-

Enter the doors to the northwest and proceed inside the History of Magic classroom at the end of the corridor from the Transfiguration Courtyard Floo Flame. Use Alohomora to open the locked door on level 1. Then there is another button to hit at the end of the storage area near the Sphinx that has Egyptian pillars. To access this new collection of problems, push it.

  • Solve Depulso Puzzle Rooms 2 in Hogwarts Legacy:-

Players must pass through the hallway up ahead to get to the problem, just like in Depulso Puzzle Room 1. They will next arrive in an area filled with movable blocks where they must maneuver them in order to reach the chests strewn about the room. Same as Room 1 there are 3 puzzles you need to cross to complete this puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy.


I wish you much enjoyment as you solve and solve Depulso Puzzle Rooms 1 And 2  in the Hogwarts Legacy. To find out more about Hogwarts Legacy, consult Techgecs.

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