How to use iMessage? Can iMessage replace WhatsApp? For iOS 15 and above.

If you are an Apple(iOS) user, and not aware of iMessage then, here’s how to make an impact.

Many of us have recently bought Apple iPhones, thanks to the no cost EMI and Credit cards! But do we even know the things that make iOS different from Android? Or why iOS >> Android?

One of such thing is iMessage. All you need is Internet and a friend who also uses Apple iPhone. If this is the configuration, then you don’t even need WhatsApp. The “effects” make it really an interactive platform to chat on. Apple is also working on making it more advanced so that it’s users don’t have to loose their security, by using WhatsApp. Media, Calls, Audios, Stickers, all the features that you find on WhatsApp are available over here as well and yes with SECURITY 😉

Here are some basic things that you need for using this tool with steps:

  1. An Apple iPhone user: If you see blue bubbles in a message thread, it means that the other person is also an iPhone user and you’re both using iMessage. If the bubbles are green, it means that the message is being sent as a regular SMS or MMS message. iMessage vs Normal text
  2. Read Receipts: iMessage lets you know when someone has read your message, and vice versa. You can turn this feature on or off in your iPhone’s settings.
  3. Tapbacks: iMessage lets you respond to a message with a “tapback” – a quick response like a thumbs up or a heart.Tapbacks
  4. Group Messages: You can start a group message with multiple people on iMessage, and everyone can see and respond to the conversation in one thread.
  5. Long Press the send button to see the effects: These are further categorized into Bubble and Screen. The Bubble is generally used for the text to appear in Bubble format, wherein there’s Invisible Ink, Gentle, Loud, Slam. While in screen effects you’ll get to experience the background effects with vibrations as well. In Screen effects there is echo, spotlight, confetti and many other cool features as well.
  6. Animoji: This feature not only captures your audio but also your facial expression and inserts into your Animoji.
  7. Facetime: The Facetime offers both Audio and Video call with the outstanding quality!
  8. Other Features like, Digital Touch, Fitness, Apple Music and what not. Everything that you can share with your people in-person can be shared over iMessage without any extra charges.Other features



iMessage is Apple’s proprietary messaging service for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch. It allows users to send text messages, photos, videos, and audio messages to other Apple users who have iMessage enabled.


Reasons why some people may prefer iMessage over WhatsApp:

  1. Integration with Apple Ecosystem: iMessage is tightly integrated with the Apple ecosystem, meaning that it works seamlessly across all Apple devices. This can be convenient for Apple users who have multiple devices and want to access their messages on all of them.
  2. No Ads: iMessage does not display any ads, while WhatsApp does display ads on the app’s status page.
  3. No Subscription Fee: iMessage is free to use for Apple users, while WhatsApp is free for the first year and then requires a small annual subscription fee.
  4. End-to-End Encryption: Both iMessage and WhatsApp offer end-to-end encryption, but iMessage’s encryption is based on the Apple-designed iMessage protocol, which some people consider to be more secure than WhatsApp’s encryption.
  5. Apple’s Privacy Policies: Apple has a strong privacy policy and does not collect as much user data as some other tech companies, including Facebook (which owns WhatsApp). This can be a factor for people who prioritize privacy.

Overall, whether iMessage is better than WhatsApp depends on individual preferences and needs. For Apple users who value tight integration with the Apple ecosystem, privacy, and no ads, iMessage may be the better choice. However, for users who want a messaging app that can be used across multiple platforms, offers additional features like group voice and video calls, and has more secure encryption, WhatsApp may be the better choice.

The iMessage generally comes up with the new purchase but it might happen that you bought refurbished phone, and if iMessage doesn’t exists, you can get it from AppStore or go to AppStore.


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