Top 7 Best Apps for Apple CarPlay 2023

This article is all about the best apps for apple CarPlay in 2023. When iOS 7.1 was released in 2014, Apple CarPlay was also released. You can use iPhone apps with ease on the touchscreen in your car thanks to Apple CarPlay. Your driving experience is enhanced because you can listen to your favorite music, check your texts, access Google Maps, and many other things.

Best Apps for Apple CarPlay 2023

Best Apps for Apple CarPlay 2023

The number of apps has increased as more app developers add CarPlay features to their creations and as Apple introduces new app categories to the platform. Several applications still provide disappointing experiences. So let’s take a journey of some of the best apps for Apple CarPlay that works well with iPhone.


1. Apple CarPlay Apps 2023- Panera:-

The Panera Apple CarPlay app makes it simple to locate the closest cafe where you can get your daily fill of carbs and coffee. The ability to place orders immediately through your car’s screen is what’s most striking. You can go through your most recent orders or top picks. To place an order, simply tap the item to add it to your cart, see your cart, then tap checkout.

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For regular customers who can send their daily orders with just a few touches on the screen, it’s quite helpful.

2. Apple CarPlay Apps 2023- Google Maps:-

Any person has to have Google Maps on their phone. Google Maps will help you get to your destination quickly if you’re traveling to an unfamiliar place. You can quickly locate restaurants, stations, motels, shopping centers, etc. with Maps. Also, it will make driving simpler. One of the most popular apps, it performs admirably with Apple CarPlay. On the dashboard of your car, this software is simple to use. Google Maps is available for free download from the App store.

3. Apple CarPlay Apps 2023- Apple Music:-

A good playlist may make a long journey more enjoyable. If you’re a subscriber, use the Music app with CarPlay to access the whole Apple Music library. Of course, you can also play everything you’ve bought from iTunes.

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To browse your library and playlists, open the app. Asking Siri to play your preferred musicians, albums, genres, and more is also simple.

4. Apple CarPlay Apps 2023- Chevron:-

In iOS 16, Apple added the category type of fuel apps, and Chevron is one of the first, You can pay for your fuel using the Chevron app in CarPlay without getting out of your car. The app will automatically determine your position whenever you enter a Chevron or Texaco station. Following that, you can select your pump number and charge the amount of fuel you dispense using your on-file payment. Chevron is one of the best CarPlay apps as in my opinion

If you prefer their brand over those of other stations in a more generic mapping application, the software also allows you to locate your closest station.

5. Apple CarPlay Apps 2023- Dunkin:-

If you’re driving and you get hungry, open the Dunkin app and place an order. The Dunkin app is usable on your CarPlay dashboard, yes. Its user-friendly interface makes placing orders while driving simple. You can order your favorite foods and view the whole menu on the dashboard of your automobile. The CarPlay payment and reservation features are also included.

6. Apple CarPlay Apps 2023- Overcast:-

Overcast is a great option if you’re seeking a more detailed podcast app than Apple’s. Its CarPlay interface is quite decent, and its iOS app is loaded with helpful functions. To easily access your most recent listen, you may filter the app by recent podcasts, or you can view all of the podcasts you’ve subscribed to.

7. Apple CarPlay Apps 2023- Messages:-

You may safely converse in the car using the Messaging app. To hear the most recent messages in a discussion read aloud, tap on it. You may also use your voice to dictate a new message right here.

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