How to Solve Locked Doors Puzzles & Alohomora Lock Puzzles || Unlock Locked Door Puzzle

Hi, Welcome back to Techgecs.  In this article, we will see how to solve Locked Doors Puzzles & Alohomora Lock Puzzles. There are a tonne of minigames and riddles in Hogwarts Legacy that will put players to the test and challenge their logic and Potterverse knowledge. While some puzzles need a thorough knowledge of spells and curses, others call on players to analyze their surroundings and identify hints that point to the solution. We already write an article on the solution to the Hogwarts Legacy Sundial Puzzle.

Solve Locked Doors Puzzles & Alohomora Lock Puzzles || Unlock Locked Door Puzzle


Solve Locked Doors Puzzles & Alohomora Lock Puzzles


In Hogwarts Legacy, If you want to earn Alohmara spells, you must complete the main mission “The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament,” which can take anywhere to complete between three and five hours, depending on how quickly you complete the quests. This is the first step to solve locked doors puzzles & Alohomora lock puzzles.

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When the adventure is ready to begin, meet the custodian, Gladwin Moon, by the floo flame of the Grand Staircase. You’ll be entrusted with finding Demiguise moons during the adventure and removing the statues for him because he’s terrified of them. He will teach you Alohomora so you can enter the faculty tower and gather some Demiguise moons there.

To Unlock Locked Puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy

Similar to other games, this game has some spells and upgrades that you need to have, you must advance far enough in the main questline to obtain the Alohomora Charm, which is needed to open these locks. Alohomora also referred to as the Unlocking Charm, is the final Essential Spell in Hogwarts Legacy that may be unlocked. To learn the charm, the player has to complete 2 missions which are given below:-

1. Percival Rackham’s Trial:-

The first of Professor Rackham’s four ancient magic trials must be finished when you locate the Map Chamber under Hogwarts. After completing this quest, Alohomora’s second necessary quest will become available.

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2. The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament:-

When you return to Hogwarts, go to the Reception Hall and speak with Gladwin Moon to begin the quest, as described in The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament. Just above the Grand Staircase Floo Flame location is the quest’s starting point. Mr. Moon will instruct you on how to use the Alohomora Charm to enter a forbidden area of the castle.


After the above mission, Getting all 9 Demiguise Statues will also finish Mr. Moon, The Man Behind The Moons’ second quest. Now Mr. Moon will teach you to use of Alohomora spell which leads you to unlock pick Level II and Level III locks.

How To Unlock Level 2 AND 3 Locks in Howgwarts Legacy?

You must locate Demiguise statues and gather more Demiguise moons in order to pick level two and level three locks. Remember that you can only gather Demiguise moons during the night.

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— Bring Gladwin Moon nine Demiguise moons for level two.
— Bring thirteen Demiguise moons for Gladwin Moon at level three.


There are other puzzles available in the Hogwarts legacy game that you need to solve to upgrade your spell. To keep updated with the solution of Hogwarts Legacy Puzzles, do bookmark the site to your browsers. Please share any feedback that you want.

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