Scars Above 2023- How to Unlock Best Abilities First

Finally, the Scars Above launched. In this article, we will see how to unlock the best abilities first in the Scars Above game. Mad Head Games’ third-person sci-fi adventure, Scars Above, is set in space, but is it worth your time to get there?


Scars Above Game Explained

Scars Above 2023- How to Unlock Best Abilities First

A sci-fi shooter called Scars Above has elements of Metroid Prime and Returnal. As Kate, a scientist who was examining an extraterrestrial pyramid above Earth, players find themselves on a mystery planet. Kate has no idea how she arrived in this world or how to leave it. She will pick up new weapons and tools along the journey to fend off the alien menace.

How to Unlock Best Abilities First in Scars Above Game?

There are multiple skills in Scars above game that you need to know. Firstly we will check all the best skills of Scars Above Game. After this in another article, we will share all details of how to unlock the best abilities first.

1. Best Skills in Scars Above- Biomass Combining:-

Mixing biomass will result in a 20% cost reduction for consumables. The player’s equipment set now includes consumables in addition to their arsenal of weapons and gadgets. Consumables, as the name might imply, are mixtures similar to potions that can accomplish everything from healing Kate to getting rid of the poison encasing her body.
Players can utilize consumables more frequently thanks to lower pricing. It’s a straightforward skill that isn’t exciting, but then again, none of these upgrades are. In terms of the lore, everything revolves around building a stronger defense for Kate.

2. Best Skills in Scars Above- Recon:-

Many contemporary video games offer a scanning feature that can highlight objects in the surrounding area. Batman: Arkham Asylum’s superb Detective Mode was one of the largest titles that raised the bar for the mechanic. Unfortunately, the starting model for Scars Above’s scanning feature won’t emphasize much. The scanning skill will become significantly more helpful with Recon as an upgrade. This will make it simpler to see items like the Knowledge points listed above.

3. Best Skills in Scars Above- Better Backpack:-

The first Tier 2 skill in Scars Above worth highlighting is Better Backpack. Players will be able to carry 50% more Fiber and ammunition thanks to this ability. Ammunition does not require explanation because it is a basic requirement for a shooter.

The ammunition Kate uses for her four weapons ranges from the standard electric blaster to the fire mod. Consumables use fiber as a material. The more players can hold, the better, as Fiber won’t be regenerated at checkpoints like ammo is.

4. Best Skills in Scars Above- Constitution:-

By 20%, the constitution will improve health. This needs to be unlocked as soon as possible because Scars Above will be difficult for beginners even on the simplest difficulty setting. Players won’t have access to many healing items, and the weapon loadout is sparse.

5. Best Skills in Scars Above- Load Management:-

Because load management boosts stamina by 20%, it is a fantastic early talent. It can be found on the Tier 1 list’s left side. Players will be able to dash further and dodge without worrying about time running out thanks to this skill.

Nobody wants to be in the midst of a taxing boss battle where their stamina is completely depleted. Since death is virtually guaranteed in heavy-action games like the Dark Souls series, this talent should allay your fears.


This is a newly launched sci-fi game. There will be various articles for tips & tricks for Scars Above Game. We will also tell you how to unlock the best abilities in Scars above the game. For more information please bookmark out site.

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