Dwarf Fortress Parley Explained 2023 Guide

Hello Game freaks there, In this article, we will see about the Dwarf Fortress Parley. In order to avoid bloodshed in the Dwarf fortress, there is an option to parley in Dwarf Fortress. A common feature of the game is aggressive interactions with other species, which can pose a serious threat to your Fort. So, learning how to parley in Dwarf Fortress will help players avoid disagreement and combat.

 What are Parleys in Dwarf Fortress || Dwarf Fortress Parley

Dwarf Fortress Parley Explained 2023 Guide

Players in Dwarf Fortress will be able to prevent conflict by employing a system called Parley. They will be able to prevent strife and bloodshed by approving a parley with the opposing group. This negotiation will cost you a legendary artifact, a one-of-a-kind item that a dwarf can only make once in their lifetime. While accepting a parley will stop a force from attacking right away, it won’t end their hostilities, therefore Dwarf Fortress players should prepare for them to come back in the future.

In layman’s terms, Parleys are nothing but settlement techniques that one can use to save their people or avoid conflicts with other groups

What are Legendary Artifacts in Dwarf Fortress?

The dwarves are known to create a specific object known as Legendary Artifacts when they are in a certain frame of mind. They all have distinctive names and are of quite high worth. The majority of the time, the legendary items they produce are concrete representations of their memories, hopes, and even anxieties. In their lifespan, the dwarves will only produce one legendary artifact. They occasionally even pass away while creating the artifact.

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The dwarves will leave the legendary artifacts in the workshop for you to find as soon as they are finished. Then you can exchange them for different things. As we already discussed the Parley which is a negotiation way to save your people or avoid conflicts using Legendary artifacts for some time.

What Happened After Approving A Parley?

The commander of your Fort will deliver the legendary object to the opposing hostile force after the Parley is approved. The hostile power will quickly evaporate as part of the terms of a Parley. Sometimes the leader does not act, therefore it is possible that they become preoccupied with other activities and Fort upkeep work.

You shouldn’t be concerned whenever this occurs; all you have to do is access the Citizen Information Menu. The Leader must then be found among your citizens. You must select the hammer icon with the lock on your leader’s row in order to specialize them.

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Hence, the problem will be resolved, and the leader will just be concerned with executing the plan.


How To Assign A Commander to a Squad?

The first stage is to designate a militia commander if you wish to set up your military squad in order to be ready for when the hostile troops return to attack you after a parley. On the left side of your screen, click the Crown Icon to accomplish this. By doing this, the Noble And Administrators Menu will appear. There will be a small Plus sign next to the Militia Commander’s choice. All you have to do is click the plus sign (+) and pick the dwarf you believe would be the best militia leader. Remember that before giving the dwarf this crucial duty, you must take into account all the facts, including his or her skills.

Wrapping Up

I hope you understand all things in Dwarf Fortress Parley guide 2023 related to How to parley in Dwarf Fortress. Legendary artifacts are one of the tools that lead to help or avoid chaos in the Dwarf fort. You need to make your army strong as the enemy can back after some time in the future. However, we have written about Hogwart’s legacy Sundial Puzzle that you can check out.

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