How to Book Metro Tickets on Whatsapp

This article is especially for metro train travelers. Not they can book metro tickets on WhatsApp. No longer are commuters in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Pune compelled to wait in line for long periods of time to purchase tokens or top up their smartcards. With the help of a WhatsApp chatbot, users will be able to access a variety of services from anywhere in these four major metropolises thanks to a partnership between WhatsApp Business and metro rail service providers.

In order to make digital metro rail services available to passengers in Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Pune, WhatsApp has teamed with the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL), the Mumbai Metro, the Pune Metro, and the L&T Metro Rail Hyderabad Ltd.


 Book Metro Tickets on Whatsapp || Metro Tickets on Whatsapp

How to Book Metro Tickets on Whatsapp

There are some steps to book metro ticket on WhatsApp. For different cities, there is a different ways to book metro tickets. We will see each method.

1. Bengaluru Metro Tickets Using Whatsapp || Bengaluru Metro Whatsapp Number

Regular Namma Metro riders in Bangalore have the option of conversing in English or Kannada while buying or canceling tickets using end-to-end QR ticketing systems. Also, they can access card details, check fare details, and recharge their metro cards.

Users only need to send a message with the word “Hello” to “” to start a chatbot.

According to information provided by WhatsApp’s Business Messaging Director for India, Ravi Garg, public transportation in India is now safer, smarter, and more convenient.

2. Mumbai Metro Tickets Using Whatsapp || Mumbai Metro Whatsapp Number

Frequent users of the Mumbai Metro can now purchase e-tickets using WhatsApp. The e-tickets must be validated at the Automated Fare Collection gate since they contain important details including the fare and the date of issue.

They only need to text the word “Hello” to the number “” to start the procedure.

3. Pune Metro Tickets Using Whatsapp || Pune Metro Whatsapp Number

Moreover, Pune Metro users can now order e-tickets by calling a chatbot hotline. They only need to send a message saying “Hello” to “” to start the procedure. Similarly to this, metro users in Hyderabad can utilise the chatbot to get a URL for booking an e-ticket that is good for 5 minutes. Sending a message with the word “Hello” to “” will take you to this URL, which enables end-to-end digital payment-enabled ticket booking.

4. Hyderabad Metro Tickets Using Whatsapp || Hyderabad Metro Whatsapp Number

Similar to this, commuters using the Hyderabad Metro can utilize the chatbot to obtain a URL for obtaining an e-ticket that is good for 5 minutes. Sending a message with the word “Hello” to “” will then enable end-to-end digital payment-enabled ticket booking, and this URL can be visited in this way.

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