Boat Storm Smartwatch Bluetooth is not working problem 100% fixed

What should I do if Boat Storm smartwatch Bluetooth is not working properly? Are you searching for the same query or some relatable query? Well, you are at the very right place as this article will help you to solve our boat smartwatch not connecting with the Bluetooth problem. This problem can be identified with other names also which are as follows:

  • Boat smartwatch not working properly
  • Boat smartwatch can not connect with Bluetooth
  • Boat smartwatch does not connect with boat gear app
  • How to fix boat smartwatch Bluetooth not connecting error.
  • Boat storm can’t be connected to your Bluetooth device
  • Boat Gear app is not responding
  • The boat gear app is unable to connect with the boat smartwatch

We all know this is the era of digitalization as well as fashion, in this case, everyone wants to show off our personality and many of us are unable to pay attention to our health due to workload so we are using smartwatches that take care of our health by dropping/vibrating an alarm or a notification.

Boat Storm Smartwatch Bluetooth is not working

We need to connect the whole day or whole night but it might be a case that you have disconnected to your boat smartwatch due to Boat Storm Smartwatch Bluetooth is not working problem and you have missed your workout or you were late for important work. This can be so panicked if your boat smartwatch is not working properly.

Well, this article will give you the solution to all the basic problems with the boat smartwatch that generally occurs. But first, let me share with you a Boat smartwatch review and Boat smartwatch features.

Features of Boat SmartWatch

If you are looking for a smartwatch under 3000Rs. then boat brand is best for you because of its amazing reviews and features. There are some highlight points collected from Flipkart

  • 1.3 inches Full Touch Screen Curved Display with Multiple Cloud-Based Watch Faces.
  • Health & Fitness monitoring
  • Metal Body Casing and 5ATM Water Resistance
  • Daily Activity Tracker and 9 sports Modes | Notifications with Vibration Alerts for Calls, Texts, Social media, Alarms, and Sedentary Alerts
  • Touchscreen
  • Fitness & Outdoor
  • Available in multiple colors (Black, grey, blue, etc)


My Personal Experience

Note: This is my personal experience do not judge.


  • Light Weight
  • High brilliance
  • Call, notification, social media notifications
  • Good Looking
  • Smooth touch
  • Don’t disturb with notification sound just vibrate on your wrist.
  • Makes your wrist good looking (LOL)
  • Battery Backup is just awesome. I give 10/10.
  • Waterproof up to 5ATM
  • The screen quality is good.
  • Worth rate
  •  Wallpaper customization facility is available.



  • The screen size is a little bit small.
  • The boat smartwatch app (Boat ProGear app) is doesn’t work well sometimes and also update isn’t working well.
  • Can’t pick the call or reply to a message.


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Boat Storm Smartwatch Bluetooth is not working 

You have purchased a boat storm smartwatch but Bluetooth is not connecting, right? Not to be worry this is not a big problem. Actually, you can’t connect a boat smartwatch directly to your phone’s Bluetooth. For starting your boat smartwatch you have to first download its official app according to your boat smartwatch model.

On this page, we are discussing boat storm smartwatch Bluetooth is not working so we are considering that watch only.

Fixing Boat Storm smartwatch Bluetooth is not working problem-

Follow the below steps to set up your smartwatch properly.

  1. Download the boAt ProGear app from the Google play store or app store.
  2. Once, downloaded create your account.
  3. Fill all the entries correctly as your weight, height, gender, birth date, age, etc. (Can customize in units)
  4. Set your daily goal (If needed)
  5. Now, open your mobile’s BlueTooth.
  6. Keep turning on your bloat smartwatch.
  7. Open the Boat Pro gear app and press the device in the right middle of the mobile screen.
  8. Your smartwatch will be shown on your screen.
  9. Tap on your watch model. It will connect to your smartwatch
  10. To check, whether you are connected or not. See the floating notification of the pro gear app on the top of your mobile screen.
  11.  If you are connected then it will show the device connected otherwise it will show the device disconnected.


  • If you have tried the above process but still facing the same issue then you can uninstall the boat pro gear app and again download or simply update it.
  • Refresh or restart your mobile device.
  • Wait until your app data synchronize.

How to disconnect my Boat smartwatch from the Boat Pro gear app?

Disconnecting from the Boat Pro Gear app is as simple as preparing maggie. You just have to turn off your mobile Bluetooth. Or you can directly shut down your boat smartwatch.

But always remember, when you again connect your smartwatch with your mobile device make sure your data of the Boat Pro gear has been synchronized after connecting to Bluetooth. It hardly takes 10 seconds to synchronize.




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