Top 5 Best Coding News Apps

In this article, we will see some of the best coding news apps. If you are into tech, you wanted to know more coding world. This article is curated for the guys who love to know more about coding news across the globe. Having this knowledge of programming news, You will be aware of cutting-edge technologies and new inventions as well.

Best Coding News Apps

Best Coding News Apps

Most of the software developer is busy with their developer build, and editing testing, in this SDLC they don’t have the time to go and check out some computer programming news. So to resolve this issue we will see some of the best programming news apps.

1. DevBytes:-

Devbytes is a short coding news app that gives you all the required news in just crisp format. This application is available on the google play store. Coding news is presented by DevBytes in a succinct and clear style. This app is really helpful for all kinds of developers, product managers, Business Analysts, IT analysts, and of course engineer managers in the technical industry. IT will help to know all new developments in IT industry. This is why it is one of the best coding news apps.

2. Codenews:-

It is another best tech news app for developers, engineers, PMs BAs, etc. In this, you can check out the most recent information about your preferred programming languages and technologies. The very good thing about this app is here one can create and post tech news or stories. The software includes an easy-to-use, material design-based user interface. Users can also read news, search, filter depending on programming languages, and bookmark articles for later use. 90 different programming languages and technologies are filterable, allowing you to find the information that most interests you.

3. is one of my favorite apps that I use on daily basis. If you wanted to know any concept or any implementation of any technology then definitely you will find something on this app. As a tech developer, you must create your profile there. It has curated articles for various technologies or programming languages. You can add this to your web browser like chrome or firefox. It brings resources from Hackernews, Hashnode, Hackernoon, JSk, etc. This is one of the best software developer news apps.


There may be a chance that I have not listed your best coding news app so please comment on it. As per may analysis and reviews these 3 are the best programming news app or best tech news apps. You can share experiences or tell us which one do u like & why.

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